Feet in a bed

After spending more than $3000 on a new bed, Satinder and Sam Lee ended up sleeping on the couch.

Within a few months of buying it, the bed had developed a big ridge in the centre and two dents where they slept. It was so uncomfortable that the couch was a better option if you wanted a decent night's sleep, Satinder says.

Satinder contacted the Farmers store where she'd bought the Sleepyhead-brand "Sanctuary" bed. Farmers and Sleepyhead both sent staff out to look at it. Sleepyhead suspected a manufacturing fault was to blame for the ridge in the bed and took it away for repair. But soon after it was returned, Satinder says the dents re-formed and they were sleeping on the couch once more.

Satinder got back in touch with Farmers. Frustrated the situation was dragging on and feeling “stuck” between Farmers and Sleepyhead, she also rang our advice line to find out where she stood legally. Our consumer adviser Maggie Edwards told Satinder she may have rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA) to reject the bed.

"Goods have to be of acceptable quality. Satinder had given the retailer the opportunity to repair the bed but found this hadn't fixed the problem. Under the CGA, if the product can't be repaired or the failure is substantial, you're entitled to reject it and choose a replacement or a full refund of the purchase price," Maggie says.

Satinder wrote to Farmers, advising the store she wanted to reject the bed and get a refund. After some toing and froing, Farmers agreed. The store told us very few people returned beds and it was sorry Satinder and Sam had an unsatisfactory experience.

So why did the problem occur in the first place? Sleepyhead's brand manager Warren Roach said a manufacturing fault had caused the ridge in the bed’s centre. But he said the body indentations in the mattress were “natural contouring”, not a manufacturing fault, and within Sleepyhead’s accepted range of 25 to 35mm.

Indentations are normal on almost every mattress. However, "pillow-top" mattresses, the type Satinder and Sam had, can be more prone to indentations and ridges. Pillow-top mattresses have a separate layer of padding – made from foam or other soft materials – attached to the mattress and this layer can lose its "bounce back".

Sleepyhead told us pillow-top mattresses are popular but may not suit everyone and it’s trialling new designs that will produce “far less body contouring”.

For her part, Satinder says the experience has put her off pillow-tops and she won't be getting another one.

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Poor Customer Service Posted by: Melina Reedy 21 Mar 2014 11:35am

Appologies the below brand is actually Sleepyhead for the bed wetting incident.

Poor Customer Service Posted by: Melina Reedy 21 Mar 2014 11:32am

About 5 years ago I made contact with both Farmers and Sleepmaker about a single mattress we had purchased for our young son. It related to an incident regarding bed wetting, the fabric on the mattress was not colour tight and the navy blue colour of the fabric had left blue stains on our white sheeting. I had no reply or response from either, pretty poor and now if we don't have mattress protectors on the mattress even the slightest dribble can leave a stain on the sheets. Beware if you are buying a dark coloured mattress it may not be colour tight.

sleepyhead sanctuary elegant Posted by: Christine Barbour 17 Dec 2013 12:23pm

Purchased in April 2013 and still trying to get satisfaction from sleepyhead.They have inspected it and say it is all fine.
Our bed is too soft with major roll together, nap on silky pillow top, pops the sheets and mattress protector off so we end up sleeping on a bunch of linen.And they say we are busy sleepers. Hey I've been sleeping for 60 years on beds (mainly sleepyheads too) and never had a problem like this. I also had to but all new linen as the mattress much deeper. Today they say they will recover the pillow top for us and charge us.
Dies anyone else report the sheet popping problem?

King Koil by A.H. Beard Posted by: Tom Kudoic 12 Aug 2013 10:19pm

It appears a lot of people have issues with beds. My wife and myself used to sleep on spring mattress, but about 14 years ago we bought King Koil latex mattress with a flexible slat base. Our both kids sleep on latex beds made by the same manufacturer on the fixed slat bases. These two beds are about 10 & 8 years old. All three beds are still in perfect conditions.
Our bed is medium firm, whereas our kids sleep on firm beds. We all love them and would recommend to anyone to have a serious look in latex option.
On the other hand latex beds are a bit expensive but it is a worthwhile spending a little bit more for a piece of mind. Beds are also quite heavy, and if the room is small (our daughter one is) rotating the bed becomes a good physical exercise. Hope this will help readers in purchasing beds.

Bed problems Posted by: Beverley Howard 07 Aug 2013 5:08pm

We are in a dilemma over beds and after talking with friends have ordered a Sealy Posturepedic Grand Luxe pillow top mattress for our design mobel slat bed. We initially purchased the design mobel latex mattress for the slat bed. But after one nights terrible sleep and waking with aching muscles and joints we sent this back. We had no choice but to go with their innersprung mattress which is to soft and hollows out giving me a sore back. Having recently returned from 8 weeks in Europe, sleeping on numerous innersprung beds with no back issues my sore back returned again as soon as I slept on this mattress again. We have tried all sorts of things like changing the slats around, putting a board under the mattress, various topper pads all to no avail. I would be interested to know if anyone has experienced any issues with this Sealy mattress. I really don't know what else to try, memory foam were recommended but we found these too hard and having used a memory foam topper this was just too hot in summer. We feel a medium - firm mattress is best for us but with a little padding for our old bones.

Thank you all for your feedback Posted by: Amz 11 Jul 2013 12:15am

After lying on beds in big department stores all over Nelson I have decided to have Nelson beds make me a mattress and base set. It should be here at the end of the month. I like a firm bed and have the assurance that if I need it a bit firmer or softer they can take it apart on site and do tweak it. I suffer from Crohn's disease and have spent extended periods of time in bed being too exhausted to do anything else so it has to be right. I am getting their moonlight mattress. Low profile and no raised pillow top. This mattress can be flipped too.

Sleepyhead refused to come to my house Posted by: Clinton1 08 Jul 2013 8:35pm

We bought a Sleepyhead Super King "OrthoForm SS Medium" from Lower Hutt Beds R Us.

I contacted Beds R Us about 6 months after we bought the best stating we have a 20mm dip in each side. They advised us that this was normal and that so long as the dips are no bigger that 35mm then it's not a manufacturers fault.

3 years on and now the dip is now 36mm on both sides. The centre of the bed is so high now that it is higher than both sides of the bed. The curve is in such a way that it pushes me out of the bed. Also we have been rotating the bed every 3 months as instructed.

I called Beds R Us and told them the above, they told me to call Sleepyhead and that Sleepyhead will send someone over to look at it. I called Sleepyhead and spoke to Kerrie advising her of the above, she advised me to take photos of the bed and email them. I asked Kerrie if she could send someone over to inspect the bed but she said they will not as they are in Auckland. I advised her that the Beds R Us contact person in Wellington told me that Sleepyhead would come to my house to inspect the bed, but Kerrie advised me that I was told wrong.

I told Kerrie that the photo’s would not do any justice to what we are putting up with and that they wouldn’t not be able to tell from the images. Kerrie’s response to that was, “everyone says that”.

So feeling beaten to the ground I took photos of my bed as requested. (Image of label, photo of broomstick lying over the bed, and image of tape measure showing depth of the dip). Kerrie called me back to say that I’m not supposed to measure from the “stitching dip” and that their specialist estimates that the dip is only 30mm and that it is not a manufacturing fault. I asked her to please send someone around to see the bed and her response was that it needs to be sent to Auckland and that they will not give me a temporary bed whilst they inspect it, she also went on to say that if they decide it is not a manufacturers fault that I will be charged $150.00 for no fault found. She also went on to say that it is highly likely to be the result from the photos I have sent her.

I told her that at the end of the day I’m a customer that is unhappy with their product and that they aren’t doing much in the way to help me. Her reply was that she can take it away but they will charge me $150.00 if there is not fault found and she repeated that it is highly likely from the photos I have provided her.

Can consumers help me with this? All I can say is never buy from Sleepyhead and don’t buy this type of bed.

Dunlop King Bed Posted by: Marianne Stevens 22 Jan 2013 10:51am

We bought a Dunlop about 14 years ago. Within 6-8 months we had a ridge down the centre (I'm 54kg, hubby 84kg). The supplier supposedly sent it back to manufacturer who supposedly repaired it. It looked no different upon return and has to this day always had the ridge. In hindsight, we should have asked for it to be replaced. Now looking for a new bed but so many negative reviews on so many beds, I don't know what to consider. Friends have a Simmons Beautyrest which we had the best nights sleep on recently, but good reviews on Simmons don't appear to be plentiful either. What is a reliable bed, or are most these days not made to last like so many other things??

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