We've had two further complaints from members about Michael Hill Jeweller Professional Care Plans.

Last month we reported a mis-sold Professional Care Plan (PCP) at a Michael Hill Jeweller store. These plans offer maintenance on your jewellery for a set period of time.

Last month’s story had a happy ending. But since then we've had two further complaints from members about PCPs, each involving a different store (Tauranga and Pakuranga). In both cases our members were unaware of the problem until they saw our article – and they’ve found it more difficult to obtain a refund.

According to our members their experience was much the same as our first complaint: they were offered a special price on the jewellery they wanted to buy, plus a “service plan” (the PCP) that seemed to be free. But when they checked their receipts, they found they’d been charged for the PCP.

The PCP’s terms and conditions state that you can cancel within 30 days of purchase. But our member who bought from the Tauranga store says the manager there told her that even if she did cancel the plan, the price she paid would stay the same. Our member finds this confusing and misleading. So do we. Michael Hill Jeweller maintains it has strict staff training for selling PCPs and that this training is constantly reviewed and staff compliance monitored.

We say

  • Check your receipt carefully if you’ve bought jewellery recently from a Michael Hill Jeweller store – especially if you were told about a “free” service plan (PCP).
  • If you’ve paid for a PCP you don't want, contact the store immediately and ask for a refund.
  • Michael Hill Jeweller needs to step up its monitoring of its stores, to make sure they’re selling its PCPs properly.


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Member Comments

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michiel hill jewellers no service Posted by: dealer 20 Apr 2014 10:35am

I purchased 2 pair 9 ctr so called gold earrings for my wife .after about 8 months they looked like brass gold flaking off ,I sent back to michael hill never even got reply ,never bought any other thing from there and must spent at least $10,000 on watch' rings' and things over last 3 years I will never deal there again

Care Plan with Michael Hill Posted by: sharenhelp 01 Mar 2013 5:31pm

I also was offered a FREE Professional care Plan by Michael Hill at Northlands Christchurch. The gold ear-rings had a $300+ price tag but the assistant said she would see what she could do. She told me the ear-rings would be $129 and there would be the FREE care plan. I had to give my address details for this and sign the 3 year care plan which showed no price on it. I was told the receipt was in the bag with the ear-rings and didn't check it until I read Consumer to find I had been charged $44.90 for the PCP. Then I waited to check exactly what was on my Visa statement, yes I had been charged the extra. I went back to Northlands, but I was at the entrance to the store when the fire alarm went. After waiting outside for a while I had to leave. I still intend to go back to protest when I have the chance.
But M.Hill have blotted their copy book for me. There are many other jewellers who would welcome my custom in future.

i never buy from them again Posted by: dealer 01 Mar 2013 1:53pm

i purchased 2 sets gold earings ,they were not expensive ,but sold as 9ct gold ,after about 12 months the gold started to show patchs looked like copper ,both pair did this i sent back to Michiel Hill by post as i had moved from Auckland ,never received reply .i'V bought many pieces JEWELRYAND THREE EXPENSIVE WATCHS since but never from Michael Hill

Free battery Posted by: Gabrielle Pearson 01 Mar 2013 12:19pm

My husband bought me a watch from Michael Hill and was given a warranty, and promised free batteries. When my battery died, the snooty woman in the shop said that they didn't have any batteries and just to go and buy one. It wasn't any great deal to me, but if I had paid money for a care plan, it would have been a problem.

Bouquet for Michael Hill Jeweller Posted by: Catherine Van Dorp 28 Feb 2013 8:11pm

I recently had a very good experience with MHJ. A couple of years ago, my husband bought me an expensive pair of earrings at a MHJ store in Australia. Earlier this year, I noticed, to my horror, that one of the diamonds had fallen out. I took it back to my local store to find out what it would cost to repair. They came back to me with a price of around $200. I said that I thought it was outrageous that they would charge so much when my earrings should have lasted much longer. It's not as though earrings are subject to much wear and tear! The manager of my local store agreed and undertook to have my earring repaired free of charge. Considering my husband had not bought a PCP, I was absolutely delighted with this service, so well done, Michael Hill Jeweller!

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