We've been busy over the summer months making changes to Powerswitch to make it easier and more intuitive for you to use.

The majority of these changes are in response to user feedback we received last year.

Returning visitors will notice that we've updated the look and feel of our questionnaire and results pages. We've added more help, and new error notification to guide you through the process.

We've re-designed the results-page table to make it easier for you to scan the various plan options and compare prices. With energy retailers releasing more and more special offers and discounts it was especially important to us to better highlight special terms and conditions.

We've also added a number of filter options that let you narrow down your results – for example, to only look at fixed-term plans available in your area.

We have also improved our price trend graphs, which now let you select and de-select providers and compare them one by one.

Dual-fuel users can get an idea of their savings and see those changes reflected on the What's my number website too.

Lastly, you can now sign up to receive regular email updates from Powerswitch for the latest news from the electricity and gas sector.

If you have anything you'd like to tell us, then don't hesitate to send us your feedback.

And keep on checking Powerswitch for updated pricing, energy saving tips and new blog posts!


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Wood burner vs electricity.... Posted by: MacThistle 07 Jun 2012 3:12pm

to heat water. We actually save money in the winter, even though we buy in coal Our power can drop by $40 a month just by turning off the water cylinder when we have the woodburner going 24/7 during winter months. We are a middle aged couple no kids at home. I can do warm washes in the laundry as occassionally the water boils over - that or have a bath or extra long shower!
Also both of us work through the day, but I only work part time so am home from midday on usually. It would be helpful to have 'home all day, home part of day, not at home during day' on the powerswitch site. Yes I do think it would make a difference. When home the radio is on, the jug gets boiled frequently, the oven may be on for 3hrs cooking a meal, washing machine and dryer going etc.
Our last power bill was only $85 dollars compared to $132 which was before the cylinder was turned off. At night, every appliance is off at the wall. they only get turned on as needed.

Different rates Posted by: Lorenzo 18 Apr 2012 10:46pm

I have tried several times in the past to use Powerswitch but the rates the system uses are always slightly different than those being charged by my power company. Even after checking the plan etc details. I am sure this will always happen but if there was a way to tweak the rate and levy down (or up) a few cents (to 3 decimal places) then a better comparison could be made.

Powershop Posted by: Gregory Bell 18 Apr 2012 3:44pm

I know there is the special conditions on the compare Powershop listing. But how can it be made to look more expensive when they have many specials and a new one week per month at a cheaper rate and the ability to pre buy power when it is cheaper during summer months for use during the colder months where the unit price is much higher?

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