Apple MacBook Air 11"
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Price $1,699 shop online
Overall score
Performance (/10) 7.1
Battery life (/10) 8.0
Ease of use (/10) 8.0
Screen size (inches) 11.6
Average user rating5 out of 5 (2 reviews)
Average rating 5 out of 5 (2 reviews)
Reviewed by: Peter Wimsett Date reviewed: 09/06/2011
Review Title 13 inch screen - even better
Pros fast start up time <5 seconds from full off to full access to a proper laptop is brilliant - so hard to go back. Efficient wireless connectivity nails it
Cons Helps to buy a clever wireless apple 'magic' mouse; Need to get use to mac software (not too bad at all) and no numeric keypad or backspace!
General Comments everyone would have one now if it were not for the price -very well made and very portable.
Rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed by: Anne Elliot Date reviewed: 03/06/2011
Review Title Ultimate light weight travel companion
Pros Light weight, very portable, esthetically pleasing, "instantly on" flash memory, upgradable before purchase, very clear screen, doesn't get hot, excellent track pad. Fits into larger hand bag. Playback sound is quite tolerable. Excellent for Skyping (microphone and camera built in).
Cons No backlit keys. A "top spec" model cost the same as the standard 13" model.
General Comments I opted for "top specs" and was prepared to pay "top dollar" for portability. I wasn't trying to replace mydesktop computer. If I was I would have chosen the 13." Have travelled with older MacBook Pro - never again! I am running Microsoft Office as well as three of the Adobe creative suite without problems (Dreamweaver, Photoshop...). The Mac operating system is identical to my desktop in functionality. The install "disk" is a miniature USB stick. The optional drive works well. I am not personally missing a card reader.
Rating 5 out of 5
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