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New comer - AirAsia X Posted by: Amanda Bezar 29 Apr 2011 10:36am

Well I've got some wickedly cheap flights to Malaysia thanks to AirAsia X. I was quite pleased with the initial booking process for the international flights.
However i went back to recently (a few months later) to book some internal flights within Malaysia during our visit. And let's just say that it was nigh-on impossible to opt out of their "Go Insure" product that they made an add-on by default.
Having pressed cancel, read the message and clicked OK, I thought I'd figured out how to get rid of it. Yet my itinerary comes through, and I realised it still had me paying for the Go Insure product. Their website says Go Insure is unable to be cancelled, and is non-refundable. So I don't think I'll bother paying mega $$$ to call the number in Malaysia their call centre gave me, as the call centres always refuse to step outside the square and actually think.
I'm wondering if there's anything in our consumer law that says they can't do this - it seems really unfair that they won't allow you to cancel a product you didn't even know you were getting, especially within 24 hours of making the booking.

Reply 1: Posted by: Amanda Bezar 29 Apr 2011 10:39am

Oh and what i meant to suggest was:-
If/when this report gets updated, it would be good to survey people on the actual booking process & customer service functions pre/post flight, because i think this is where a lot of the airlines are really grinding people's gears.

Wise choice Posted by: canny shopper 17 Feb 2011 12:59pm

We recently had a flight from Dubai to Auckland which was 2 hours late leaving and consequently we were late for our domestic flight back to Wellington. Thankfully our travel agent had booked full price domestic seats for us which meant we were able to be reallocated onto a later flight without any difficulty or extra cost.
I had baulked at the cost of the domestic leg tickets when they were purchased as I knew I could buy them myself on the internet for much less. If I had done this we would have just missed out...and after a long tiring flight organising that would have just been too much.
While a cheap flight out of the city might have been useful to our budget I really appreciate the wisedom of having transferable tickets for that last trip home.

Air NZ awesome Posted by: Carey Clubley 31 Jul 2010 9:13am

In April my our family of 5 flew to London with Air New Zealand. The seats were fine, the food was good and the inflight entertainment in the seat backs was awesome for us and our 3 children. On our return journey from Frankfurt to Hong Kong we flew with Lufthansa, no entertainment in seat backs and 2 movies on tiny screens (1 was Chinese) made for a very long journey. The food was no where near as good as Air NZ either. On the last flight from Hong Kong to Auckland it was a pleasure to back in an Air NZ plane. We will be happy to use Air NZ again.

Nice work Which - er, Consumer... Posted by: remusnoc 30 Jul 2010 10:13pm

So does Which now have to publish an article about NZ mobile phone providers to complete the terms of your partnership agreement?

The Public be Crammed Posted by: jiskefet10R 30 Jul 2010 12:13pm

My wife and I flew from Auckland to Perth and back on Air NZ, a direct service taking 7hrs each way. Both of us being taller-than-average and aged over 70 we decided to take the ludicrous Business Class mark-up on the chin. We needn't have bothered: the seats up front were barely wider than those in Economy. Apparently Air NZ had decided to retro-fit entertainment consoles into the arm rests without altering the overall seat configuration. Bad choice. We'll never fly this carrier again, even if it means changing planes in (grrrrr) Sydney and several hours extra travel time.

Avoid BA unless you enjoy lousy service Posted by: Fly on Wall 30 Jul 2010 11:34am

We flew BA from London to New York / Boston return a couple of times a few years back. The planes used were abysmal - dirty carpet and seats, tinny sounding tanoys - sometimes so worn out all you could hear was squeaks and crackles. The worst flight was to NYC with an obese passenger in front of me in a seat with a defective seat back - the whole flight I had the seat in my face - wobbling every time the passenger fidgeted or seemingly breathed. I tried to change seats, but the cabin staff couldn't care less.

On a long haul from UK to Sydney, our first leg to Hong Kong with BA was pretty good (save additional fees we were forced to pay at Heathrow due to a cock up by our travel agent and BA) - usual grotty and tired BA cabin interior, but excellent cabin staff service.

Problems started on second leg from Bangkok to Sydney. We got seated, and after repeated requests were finally given a bassinet for our 8 month old child. Flight takes off, baby goes to sleep and we think "great" - wrong! Next thing, we get an aggressive and loud steward leaning over our sleeping baby yelling at his colleague on other side of aisle seats. I politely ask him to keep it down lest he wake a sleeping baby who will surely cry and annoy other passengers. Result, baby is unsettled and crys for almost entire trip, and we have to deal with moody and rude cabin staff for rest of trip. Talk about immature cabin staff.

Based on my experience I prefer to fly Air NZ or Asian based airlines where-ever possible (i.e. Thai, Singapore or Malaysian - havn't tried other Asian airlines) - the service, cleanliness and leg room is generally much better than the likes of BA (and Qantas unfortunately too). That is not to say that good airlines will always provide excellent service (just as airlines like BA can provide good service from time to time). The Consumer results seem to back up my own personal experience however...

SAS Poor value Posted by: A Hart 30 Jul 2010 11:03am

We recently had 2 flights with SAS and were very disappointed. We flew from Kirkeness, Norway to Oslo, and on to Frankfurt. For a full fare airline ($NZ600 each), we received one complimentary drink on only one of those flights - everything else had to be purchased. This was very poor value compared to other local airlines, and equated to a budget airline without the budget price. Yet SAS is a member of the Star Alliance and promotes itself as a quality airline.

The seats were hard and spaced very close together with poor leg room, which made our flying very uncomfortable.

We will not fly with SAS again and do not recommend this airline to anyone.

Coffee? Tea? Thrombosis? Posted by: NZrebel 30 Jul 2010 9:31am

I took a flight from the States in Jan on Air NZ and must say it was the most uncomfortable experience I've ever had! I'm an average sized woman, so shouldn't have problems crossing my legs, but I found it hard to. They've done away with the little bar that I used to prop my feet on which made a huge difference. I worried about blood clots, which I've never given a second thought to before. They've even designed their seats so that you can't raise the arms. Inflight entertainment controls negated this option, apparently. Really? What a joke!!! My child wanted to lean against me and sleep and couldn't, so he had a crappy flight too. Very poor. I guess they want us to upgrade to their more expensive economy class, but as a family of four we're stuck in the cheap seats. Well, actually, we might be, but not on Air NZ. Thanks for nothing.