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Local Vs International Posted by: Ian Bolton 19 May 2011 7:32pm

Its interesting that a farmer receives .50cents a liter from the dairy companies. Also buying Australian rump steak for $8.99 at the supermarket surprised me as NZ rump steak is never this low. As for subsidies, Are the Australian subsidies so high that they cover shipping?

Cant do without milk Posted by: Josephine Hagan 14 May 2011 7:27pm

As a breastfeeding mum, and with a toddler, we go through about 6-8 litres of milk a week, plus 1 kg of yoghurt a fortnight, and 1 kg of cheese a fortnight. We always buy the cheapest yoghurt and cheese at the supermarket, and buy Klondyke milk from the dairy, which if we shop around, we can get for $1.50 a litre. Calcium in my families diet is ESSENTIAL for our wellbeing, looking forward to the enquiry and hopefully lower prices.

Dried milk powder a cheaper option Posted by: jovi 11 May 2011 4:12pm

It is possible to buy dried milk powder (e.g. Woolworth's Home Brand) for around $10 - $12 per 1Kg pack for skimmed milk, which is our preference. This works out at just over $1 per litre when reconstituted.
It's no trouble to set up a system with jugs, whisk and scales. Modern milk powders reconstitute very easily with no lumps. Can't understand why more people don't take this option.

Milk Posted by: shad 11 May 2011 11:29am

I don't buy supermarket milk anymore. I buy certified organic raw locally for $3 per 2 litre bottles. I buy several at a time and stock up my freezer. Much better for you also as the enzymes haven't been destroyed by pastuerisation. If you can source raw milk, do try it, tastes amazing.

Cost of farmgate milk Posted by: PipW 11 May 2011 9:25am

In the report it says, 'Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show the US farmgate milk price sits at around half the retail price.' I wanted to know what the farmgate price is in NZ. Does someone know?

Milk in Guernsey Posted by: Steven Holland 11 May 2011 8:54am

I am currently living in Guernsey, UK. Milk here costs £2.02 for 2 liters, that's NZ$4.15

A Huge Rort! Posted by: Kane David 10 May 2011 7:27pm

Thank you Consumer for undertaking this survey. Nothing until now has presented the hard facts the way you have and it's very clear there is something badly wrong with the Dairy industry here. It's just not commercially possible that NZ can be one of the cheapest places in the world to produce milk, yet the price we pay at the shop is amongst the most expensive. Last month I saw a block of cheese for sale in a supermarket and I thought it was a good price... It startled me to find that it was Product of Australia however. NZ companies who try and rip us off beware... NZ'ers loyalty to NZ companies will only remain if they are showing their loyalty to us NZ residents. So far, the NZ Dairy industry is showing anything but.