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Nervous... Posted by: Jilly99 21 Sep 2011 8:25pm

I am so nervous about these smart meters. The bloke that installed ours a few weeks back said the electrician that had installed and wired our original meter had wired it wierdly (but still legally) and he had 'fixed' it. Next thing you know, highest power bill for this time of year and today they called and said (even though it said Actual with an Estimated component) that they had underestimated it and - VOILA - added another $100 to the bill (when the bill due in 2 days). Just saw woman on Fair Go with now huge bills and the power company (essentially) saying "suck it up" and not fronting...did I mention nervous???

Switch Provider Posted by: Kane David 27 Aug 2011 6:29pm

This is a really horrible for you. Any power company (or individual within it) should be ashamed to behave like that. In this instance it seems that BOTH the individual AND the company have acted unprofessionally. Any reasonable company will understand that bills sometimes get overlooked or paid late. They will usually make a number of attempts to contact the customer to arrange payment. Secondly, the individual contractor who came to disconnect the electricity should be sacked without question. This is abysmal behaviour in anyone's book. While it seems that Consumers report shows that all of the companies seem to fall short of being rated excellent, I encourage you to switch provider anyway... don't do it for the cost or other benefits... but for the principle of it... Make sure you let your existing provider know why your leaving.

It gets worse! Posted by: Erin Burke 21 Aug 2011 11:58am following disconnection and reconnection the next week I get emailed a bill..for another $500 which is due 25 August!! WTF??? Took 10 mins for the bill to open for some odd reason by which time I was on the phone asking about it..turns out the $200 bond they agreed to waive they had added anyway, the $92 reconnection which I paid when I was trying to get reconnected had to be invoiced to be valid but did not show up as having been paid..spoke to same manager of previous week..he went thru bill..removed the $200 told me when i paid $300 the following week it hadn't included the $92 fee because there was other outstanding electricity that had never been invoiced to him..he finally agreed that he didn't understand my bills and they weren't clear at all...up shot was I ended up by having to pay another $250 over the phone (a hell of a lot better than the $500 invoiced!!) but yet another 1 hr wasted on the phone which if i hadn't would have seen me ripped off for another $250..this is insane and the govt needs to do something..all very well switching power companies but it appears many are just as bad...they need to face legal/penalty sanctions when they do this crap..many people would not have the time to constantly check their bills and fear/risk disconnection if they don't pay...

Itemised bills or one price Posted by: Tramper 12 Aug 2011 9:04pm

If you like number crunching itemised bills but personally I like one price all inclusive per unit as at Powershop that varies with the seasons.
Would you go to shop and expect to add GST add a delivery charge/day times the number of days, then a another minor tax and then take off 20% if paying with credit rather than tick.

This method is arcahaic and designed to confuse.

Meters Posted by: Ray McKeown 11 Aug 2011 11:43pm

Someone should make compatible smart meters compulsory. That does not mean the same just able to talk like different computers all accessing the same internet based on TCP/IP. This is lunacy. Also why do different companies have meters read separately. Surely it'd be cheaper to read all the local meters together. Even better have the meters read themselves remotely. Now that would be smart.

Disconnection Posted by: Erin Burke 11 Aug 2011 1:42pm

I am disgusted with Gensis energy. By oversight I had forgotten to pay my bill. It was only three weeks past the due date. A guy came and disconneted the power. He only knocked on the door after he had disconnected by which time I was in the garage checking the fuse box. I lost my whole mornings work on the computer. I thought it wasn't very long ago I paid the bill. This can't be right. I desperately needed the power back on to try and make up for all the work I had lost. I begged him to stay just for 5 mins so I could phone Genesis and see what the problem was and if it was overdue then would pay over the phone by credit card. He refused. I was very upset, particularly when I found out it was only 3 weeks past due date. Also the $200 bill had now become $500 because $92 reconnection fee and $200 'bond' they wanted me to pay! I refused to pay the bond said I had never agreed to that and as I was crying and so upset they let me off the bond. They said the guy should have knocked on door first and should have stayed while I called. I said I want to officially complain about him. Finally same guy came back and I said I have complained about you so he left in a huff and refused to reconnect. He eventually came back after 5pm while I was picking my daughter up. Returned as he was driving away. He was smirking. Got inside no power. Rang company and they talked me through on phone how to turn on. Whole incident was disgusting. Why does a power company have the right to take such severe action and cut off essential services for 3 weeks overdue? It is too severe especially when they then add $300 to the bill. I used to pay direct debit but they kept estimating my bills at around $600-800 when they should have been around $150. Eventually I complained to electricity commission. Company apologised and put me on 2 monthly actual readings. I found out this week when talking to them that they changed that in December 2010 but did not inform me. Had it still been 2 monthly I would not have even been overdue!