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The real deal. Posted by: Kelly Moselen 15 Mar 2012 1:18pm

Another issue is the free e-waste recycling services around NZ. These businesses are taking the e-waste and getting the most valuable bits out of them and landfilling the rest. The E-Cycle programme is the only legit option in my opinion.
Its also important to ask the few retailers who are accepting e-waste what they are going to do with it. If they take it from you but just dump it themselves, or dont actually know what happens with it then its not really a solution. Product stewardship is the only option for effective e-waste management.

Brother Printers. Barb Posted by: Barbara Strang 14 Oct 2011 9:02pm

Brother Ltd will accept back their old printers for free - just dropped one in recently

Free Electronic Drop off Posted by: Donovan Brook 14 Oct 2011 11:49am

If you live in the Auckland region, I have found a place that you can drop off electonic items for no charge, located out at Penrose, and called Computer Recycling Ltd

website address is

What to do with my e-waste Posted by: Jay_JWLH 13 Oct 2011 12:01am

For a long time I've had a couple of hardware parts like some hard drives just waiting to be disposed of. I've been told to just chuck it in the bin, but I have been holding onto them for several months seeing if I can dispose of it responsibly. I just had no idea where to send it, so I've done nothing about it.

Thanks to this article, I figure I should just go to Trash Palace and leave it there.

What would be great though, is having some place anywhere around the country (or in main areas) that you can post your e-waste to, not just have to physically go there. I am however disappointed with all of the claims made by major manufacturers about being green, but can't even do something as vital as dispose of their own products. What happened to some of the retailers that took in your e-waste after replacing it with one of their new products?

eDay - Recycle Electronic waste Posted by: Tachikata 20 Feb 2010 12:11am

There's also a drive through event every year for EWaste recycling done at main centers around NZ. Just drive in and dump your stuff.

see site for more details:

Energy - saving light bulbs Posted by: John.R. 17 Jul 2009 2:12pm

In reference to your article "Eletronic Waste" sub-heading "What ewaste can you recycle?" (2/7/07). It states that "apart from areas serviced by Hazmobiles, there is no safe disposal system."
I just like to point out that there is now a company called Interwaste that operate a nationwide service for the recycling CFL's and fluorescent tubes.
They lay claim to being able to recycle 99% of a CFL or fluorescent tube. Look up their website for more details.