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Parallel Importing Posted by: Scott McGrath 25 Jun 2013 11:31am

My friend sourced makeup from overseas and put it on 'grabone' site and it all sold out. However, a woman that claimed that she had rights to sole distribution in NZ has bullied my friend, grab-one, and slandered her across the internet. The woman sent a letter from her solicitor threatening my friend and 'grabone' with legal action. This woman also went to the newspaper and slandered my friend. The questions are 1. Has she got the right to stop my friend from importing and selling (she has produced no proof of sole distribution to my friend or grabone). 2. Has 'grabone' got the right to withhold the money from my friend (their claim is that she has bullied them and they are worried. They want to reimburse the people clients money and make the woman go away). 3. Does she have a legitimate claim?

Thank you
Ngahina McGrath