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SkyDrive Posted by: Jay_JWLH 24 Oct 2011 1:02am

There are lots of free online storage available these days, but how technically secure they are is completely up to them. SkyDrive is an example of something with more than enough storage. If their servers say they store information in encrypted form, it should be even safer. But consider if you forget your password, so they need a way to recover your account. If they can do it, it is only so secure. If they can't, then it is as foolproof as TruCrypt, although you would have just then lost your files.

TruCrypt is great for putting on a flash drive. You can partition the entire thing (besides a small seperate partition to run the initial program from) so that it works as convenient as any drive letter (once you mount it). Or you can just set up a file which is like a virtual hard drive, mount that, and access its contents. Just don't forget your password, or else you will have to format it again.

Security - passwords Posted by: Christine 0629 03 Dec 2009 9:22am

Is there a programme which allows you to password a CD/USB, rather than individually password documents?

Paper Valet Posted by: James Vaughan 19 Nov 2009 10:44am

Paper Valet is an easy to use program which stores scanned images. A free version will save scanned images as tif files. For US $24.95 you get a version which will save scans as pdf files. I have been using the pain version for years and am completely satisfied.