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Vet-sold cat food Posted by: Anita Neal 08 Feb 2014 8:24am

I am struggling to find much unbiased comment on "premium" cat foods. Our vet is very keen to see us change - but they also sell the food, so I have a problem with the obvious conflict of interest there. They claim one particular brand will improve our pets' dental health but I don't see how this works. A previous cat was fed Purina One and tinned food all his life and died at the age of 21, so it can't be that bad!!

Raw Food Can be dangerous Posted by: Bruce Moffatt 31 Jul 2013 4:49pm

For many year I feed my heading/huntaways and others raw mutton bone daily. Very recently one of my rescues (8yo Staffy x) got very sick in a hurry, he was critical, the x-rays showed nothing, all blood test for disease came back normal, so he underwent emergency exploratory surgery and a piece of bone had ruptured his small intestine. It was hidden from view in the x-rays. My wonderful vets removed the bone and damaged bit of intestine an Flynn is now as good as new $1800 later (the bill was cheaper than I thought it would be - no complaint there) but it was touch and go for a few days. So be careful with raw bones too they can also be dangerous - I am still trying different diets .....

true comparisons of brands Posted by: Kavita Brough 03 Apr 2013 9:01am

Why are Iams and Royal Canine wet food for cats not compared in this survey?

raw food rep! Posted by: Joe & Louise Cooper 11 May 2012 9:56pm

I have done hours of research looking for the best food for dogs! all my life I have fed ALL my cats and dogs 'highly recommended kibble' from the vets who "know better" than us clueless animal owners and lovers. All had normal pet problems .eg. smelly breath, dirty teeth, allergies etc. I bought a rotty pup 3months ago and he was allergic to something in the food, I switched to other expensive kibble but he kept scratching! After all my research I finally realised how BAD processed food really is! Its not rocket science..people only care about money, not our pets..including your vet! Like us, we can either eat a healthy banana for fibre or a processed musli bar- high in fibre..not to mention sugar and fat etc, exactly what we DONT NEED! Dah everything 'natural' is better! raw meaty bones with heart, tripe, kidney, sometimes a bit of vege and egg+shell, rice, (because that is what they would have eaten from the stomachs of their kills thousands of years ago) and flaxseed oil (or fish oil). Thats what my pup gets hes now very healthy, looks like a shiny show dog to be! I feel sorry for people who dont know the truth about how the kibble is made and exactly what is in it! I advise all to do some research too! And you are so right about vets, they will ONLY recommend their CRAP food, they said I was making a big mistake changing to raw food diet! probably coz now they'll be losing out!!!

Carnivore or omnivore? Posted by: shad 28 Mar 2012 3:15pm

If you are interested in the distinction have a look at:

budget dry cat food Posted by: Campbell Heath 19 Mar 2012 4:57pm

I now have 7 hedgehogs waiting at my door every night. I was feeding them my cats expensive Royal Canin (vet product).To save money I purchased a bag of Budget Dry Cat Food from the supermarket....the little blighters wouldn't even touch it (nor would my cat or the neighbours cat) Shows you how horrid it must be if hungry hogs aren't even interested!

K9 products Posted by: Bryden Shiells 04 Nov 2011 12:48pm

I read an item in last weekend's Herald re K9 dog food from Christchurch. I bought some early this week and my dog is really enjoying it. It is raw meat freeze dried.... I read a comment that a dog's proper diet should run past its nose wearing fur... VBG She is having the venison at the moment and the pack says it contains min. 85% fresh venison from grass fed ranch raised animals deemed fit for human consumption and free of antibiotics and hormones. No cereals, artificial ingredients, rice, soy or gluten.

Reply 1: Posted by: shad 21 Mar 2012 12:02pm

That is a very good food to feed raw. I started out on it. Very expensive and I don't believe dogs need fruit and veg. Make sure you give your dog bones aswell for teeth cleaning as K9 is a soft food and won't give the teeth a clean or workout.
I now do prey model raw and am loving it.
I see so many overweight dogs around it is a real shame. I think because so many commercial dog foods contain cereals which are not species appropriate and or people overfeed. It is NOT normal to see rotund dogs, it will shorten their lifespan. They should be lean and muscular.

Reply 2: Posted by: Ronald Anderson 07 Oct 2013 12:47pm

I fed raw for years and it's just the best for dogs. However, we now have 5 rescue dogs and simply cannot afford to raw feed. If we knew hunters perhaps it would be different but I'm now using a food called Canine Caviar (daft name, eh?) and they're all doing pretty well. They do still get some raw, but mainly it's dry and a decent dog roll. If you can afford to, the best thing you can do for your dog is raw prey model :-)

Premium vs Supermarket Posted by: Thales 04 Nov 2011 11:55am

I recently went in to a pet chain store and was asked what brand of cat food I bought. When I said that it was Purina One I was told that I was ensuring that my cat would have a limited lifespan compared with if I bought their premium brand.

Good to see that my hunch was correct that he was trying to use emotional blackmail techniques to make a sale and that there isn't anything in it after all.