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Updated classifications Posted by: Adam Reid 05 Nov 2013 2:13pm

It would be good if this article was updated to provide info on the new classifications for downlight fittings. It would be a real shame for people to read the article and think that a CA rated fitting is the best replacement option when there are now IC and IC-F rated fittings which can be fully insulated. Also the don't cover downlights section is misleading as there are now purpose built covers for downlights which have been approved for use and comply with the new standards.
Adam Reid

Reduced heat loss CFL downlights Posted by: JonB 20 May 2013 10:50pm

We have installed these and so far are impressed.
The frosted glass cover hides and diffuses the ugly spiral bulb and would seem to prevent heat loos as the diffuser is tightly sealed (threaded mount). The bulbs are 23W and the units are spaced @ 2.0m in a 2.7m ceiling

Most efficient downlight ever Posted by: Sumguy 16 Mar 2013 9:03pm

I refitted my whole house with the Halcyon R633 W. Firstly you can insulate right up to AND over the top of it. Yes it has all the approvals and ratings to allow insulating over the top. I've had mine about 1-2 years and run fine with about 150mm of pink batts over the top. Also they run 240V with a normal fluroescent bulb, so you dont have to keep replacing some stupid 12v transformer which always tend to fail.To insulate over you must use a fluro light and non flammable insulation (like pink batts) cutout size is dia 125m. You can contact to see where to get the light... *Disclaimer- Take this advice at your own risk and check manufacturers instructions before installing!

which downlighters for replacement Posted by: Pookienuffnuff 03 Mar 2013 5:09pm

slightly confused. i know i have old style downlighters (dozens of the blighters) and they are sucking heat out of my ceiling. I want to be able to put the loft insulation over them. So I know I need to replace them with newer ones.
I also use CFL bulbs (havent used incandescent in years....from UK). I know the light doesnt all come out when use standard cfl in recessed but i dont find its a problem.
I dont want to buy a 'CFL downlighter' as these appear to come complete with bulb and thus are likely to be expensive everytime bulb needs replacing.
So I need to know what is the cheapest replacement downlighter that I can insulate over (need 2 year payback max)? Am now confused by all my research and comments here.
Can anyone help please?

New LEDs Posted by: Tully 24 Oct 2012 9:50pm

I have been searching for a replacment downlight to fit 115mm holes our old CA rated downlights use at home. We have found a Halcyon R755 LED light that hit the market in the past couple of weeks that does the job beautifully. Is 14W /1000 lumens and IC rated. They come in 3 sizes. Got them through an electrical supplier at much cheaper price than the retail lighting shops. I understand there are more coming onto the market as manufacturers and suppliers catch up with market demand.
We have reinsulated and double glazedand this was our weak point.
GT Central Plateau

IC-F NZ Made LED Downlight Posted by: Gerard Woods 14 Sep 2012 1:21pm

Hi all,
There are now new classifications for all downlights that are installed in NZ. A downlight must be classified as either: IC-F, IC, CA-80 or CA135 The best possible rating is IC-F, this means the product is sealed and runs at less than 80deg C while completely abutted and covered with insulation.
Switch Lighting, a Nelson based company are manufacturing an LED that complies with this IC-F standard. it is on the market in October. Large trim will be avaliable for those with holes up to 145mm diameter. This will be the best solution on the market. safe, bright, dimmable instant light.

Existing downlights with 140mm. aperture Posted by: Barbara Edwards 07 Feb 2012 4:48pm

Are there any closed downlights ot retrofit existing. Also would covering with 10L buckets in loft be safe with low energy lamps.

Halcyon F-Hat rated downlight Posted by: John Morgan 16 Aug 2011 7:42am

General comment: to anyone thinking about replacing downlights, DO IT; we have replaced 29 fittings in our 240 sqm home & noticed an immediate difference in warmth & comfort. Our power usage and bill 6 weeks later, mid-winter, is lower too :)

We were planning to install surface lighting and re-gib ceilings but then found Halcyon F-Hat rated fittings (thanks Dominic Hines) which can be covered by some insulation types eg pink batts.

There may be other suitable products too; whichever you choose, it is worth getting rid of the old un-covered fittings coz it makes a BIG difference.