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EcoSmarte shower - $79 Posted by: David Pauley 20 Oct 2011 4:57pm

Today (Oct 2011) I purchased an EcoSmarte Multispray shower head (just the head) from Plumbing World for $79 (inc gst). It seems that Aquatica sell just the head as a 'part'. The shower head is a standard fit screw/thread, so it just screws into the existing hose on my shower (so imagine it will for many other people). Part number is "SM MHS cp". I tested it and flow is 8 litres per minute on my system (mains pressure hot water cyclnder). Has spray five settings to choose from via the small switch on the shower head.
Hope that's helpful.

Homemade restrictor Posted by: Tramper 07 Aug 2011 8:26pm

I used a hot tap washer and opened up the middle hole with a leather hole punch until the flow was satisfactory and trimmed the outside with a sharp knife.
It lowered the flow rate to 9L/min on my low pressure system after experimenting which seemed satisfactory. Obviously spending on a new system would be better for the economy but if a spare washer works who cares.
To check flow rate: Weigh yourself on the scales with a bucket.
Catch the water for thirty seconds in the bucket and then weigh yourself with the partly filled bucket. The difference in weight is doubled to find the flow rate/minute as each kg is 1 litre.
Of course a 5 minute shower will halve your costs as well. Turning off the shower while you lather also saves water. Hope this helps others save money too. If it doesn't work you can just remove the washer.

Message from Aquatica Posted by: Aquatica 11 Aug 2010 6:16pm

At Aquatica, we were all very proud to read about our Eco handshower slide-rail sets in the latest Consumer Magazine and would like to help clear up any subsequent confusion. The sets come with a restrictor in the elbow. The heads that we sell as replacements for the sets do not therefore need a restrictor. However, in response to obvious demand, from now on, in these sets, we are going to put a restrictor in the head, instead of the wall elbow. Furthermore we will also put one in the head when it is sold on ts own. Malcolm Box, Managing Director

Flow restrictor? Posted by: John Morgan 10 Aug 2010 8:02pm

Thanks for a timely report as we were looking to replace a leaking old showerhead. We bought the Eco-stream from Mitre 10 this week and assumed, having read the Consumer report and on-line comments, there would be an obvious flow-restrictor included. Our local retailer says not and that we need to buy a separate product, if we want to switch from high-to-low flow.

Would you mind providing more detail about the flow restrictor for the Aquatica/Eco-Stream showerhead used in the test? Was it an additional extra that needed to be inserted?

Many thanks

Scale? Posted by: Kevin Campbell 01 Aug 2010 10:09pm

Did the tests cover cleaning scale from the heads? Some are really easy to clean, you just pop the rubber bit out and flex/wash it, but with some you have to go nuts with a needle. The Englefield looks like one I had that was easy to clean - but it's a bit hard to tell from the small photo...

Reply 1: Posted by: Consumer Staff 03 Aug 2010 4:07pm

Hi Kevin,

We didn't have the shower heads for long enough to test for scale build-up, and its subsequent removal. We are not sure that scale build-up is a major problem in NZ as our water is generally fairly soft.

Kind regards,

Bill Whitley
Senior Technical Writer

Bought the Ecostream - low flow is LOW Posted by: Jonathan Marshall 01 Aug 2010 2:45pm

Our old showerhead was falling apart (possibly due in part to the installation of infinity gas) so thought we'd purchase the consumer recommended one.

Not particularly impressed with the low-flow restrictor installed - was around 7-8 litres/minute with this, but the shower comfort isn't that flash - not enough pressure/flow!

Will try it on high flow (around 16-18 litres/minute) tomorrow and report our findings. I have a feeling the folk you asked just aren't used to a decent shower!!

Any idea what the savings are like for instant gas hot water?

Flow rate of Feltonmix? Posted by: Mum of one 31 Jul 2010 10:11am

We love the feel of a high-pressure shower so the Feltonmix sounds ideal. But there's no info about the flowrate for this?

Our current shower head is a low-pressure one and fitted to a mains-pressure system it has an unimaginably high flow rate. We fitted a restrictor some time ago and just ended up with a dribbly shower.

We need to find a zippy kind of shower head, with fine jets that will give us a zingy shower but reduce the flow.

Any chance of advising the flow rate of the Feltonmix without the restrictor so we can compare with our current shower head?


These all look like ones that need Posted by: Laraine Barker 31 Jul 2010 6:25am

a slide rail? I find them a right pain in the proverbial! Ours is a fixed shower head and we are still using the old Amway water-saving head. The biggest problem with it is it needs the little plastic disc to give the water "power". These do wear over time and they are no longer available. I have no idea how it rates for water saving compared to the models tested here, but I do know it more than measured up when we did a test that requires you to flow water from your shower into an ice cream container for one minute. The water level was WAY below the minimum that Trust Power told us it should be.