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Every home should have one! Posted by: Wellshaw 01 Mar 2012 9:00pm

I can't imagine life without a step ladder (being a bit on the short side). We've been through several - from kitchen step stools (still use one in the pantry with a padded top doubling as a seat and another the same downstairs) but the best ever gets used almost every day.
It folds flat, is easy to open and close, has 3 steps with a fairly high rail to hold onto. Good wide steps, very stable. Just tried to find the brand - the only label says 150Kg and GS (copied from Wikipedia - "the GS mark is a voluntary certification mark for technical equipment. It indicates that the equipment meets German and, if available, European safety requirements for such devices".)
Our step stool is about 10 years old, we recently bought one that looked the same from Mitre 10 for around $75 as a wedding present. I'll do a little more research and post another comment. Cheers.

NZ made ladders? Posted by: Fabulous 29 Feb 2012 6:43pm

Are aluminium ladders still made in NZ?

I got taken in by packaging with a symbol representing a map of NZ. It was stamped all over the packaging, along with a NZ company name. After buying the ladder I looked more closely and saw the tiny "imported by..." in the fine print. so much for my attempt to support Kiwi workers.

Good article - thanks Posted by: Fabulous 29 Feb 2012 6:38pm

It's good to see an article on step ladders - mainly because I bought one recently and realised how little I knew about ladders!

I bought a folding multi-purpose ladder - not technically a small step ladder but very convenient to use as one, then extend out to full size when you need it.

One tip a builder gave me was to look for one where the treads are welded to the uprights rather than riveted. He said the rivets rust and shear off more easily than welded joints.