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Which are ecologically sound sunscreens? Posted by: Valmai Copeland 17 Apr 2014 7:49am

A tour I am going on requires use of environmentally friendly sunscreen. Do any of those tested comply?

Who sells Banana Boat 50+ Ultra 200ml? Posted by: Jacob Sullivan 27 Jan 2014 6:03pm

As this is Consumer's top pick by effectiveness and value, I've kept an eye out for it in supermarkets and chemists.

But I've only ever seen the 175ml spray which may or may not be the same formulation. More to the point I don't like sprays - the inherent wastage - especially in any sort of breeze, when you can see half of it blowing away - and uncertainty re how much is left.

A google search for the 200ml (lotion) within NZ comes up blank in terms of sellers.

So Consumer, please enlighten us - where can one buy it!?

Cancer Society Posted by: KentSmith 17 Jan 2014 3:56pm

Good to see Cancer Society have finally sorted out their range of very dangerous products. I vowed never to use them again 10 or so years back when I got badly burnt at the cricket even though I re-applied hourly. It was always in the bottom rated and Consumer often warned against using it.

Sunsense sport cream ingredient Posted by: Kate Adams 27 Dec 2013 12:40pm

In the Dec./Jan 2014 issue of the mag. 'Green Ideas' a review of sun screens states rhat the ingredient 'oxybenzone which has been the subject of mainstream scientific research into its endocrine - mimicking or 'gender bender' properties.
Oxybenzone has been implicated in altering the sex of ocean fish, destruction of coral reefs, & most worryingly for users, it has been shown to break down inside the skin in ways that can damage cells. Some speculate that this may contribute to the very cancers that sunscreen is supposed to prevent.' And this is an active ingredient in Sunsence - which unfortunatelt I've been using for some time!

Prescription sunscreen? Posted by: Graham Fairless 19 Dec 2013 3:41pm

I am immune suppressed after an organ transplant. My immune system cannot repair sun damage to my skin as well as most people's can. There is apparently one sunscreen that is supported by Pharmac for doctor's prescription: Marine Blue Australia. It is SPF 30+. I use it and find it does the job. It would be good to see some test data on that product.

Creams vs sprays Posted by: Kate O'Loughlin 19 Dec 2013 12:24pm

I use the Neutrogena Dry Touch spray on my face and when required in other places and find it excellent, if expensive.

I would like to see sprays included in the test as this is our family's much preferred medium, though more costly.

Misleading Posted by: Owen Batley 06 Dec 2013 10:03pm

To give 3 screens the big tick when a mere 10 have been tested is surely misleading. I place great faith on my dermatologist's recommendation in Daylong. Would it have displaced Banana Boat were it tested, or am I missing something?