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Changed resorts Posted by: Geoff Long 23 Jun 2009 1:05pm

We booked a holiday in Rarotonga via a travel agent. It was advertised as a 4 star resort. On arrival we were very dissappointed with the resort it certainly was below standard. We contacted the manager who apologised and agreed to a full refund. We then found our own resort and got them to contact the previous resort manager who promised a full refund and also our travel agent to where the money would be refunded. A few days later we asked the new resort if there were any other charges as it was a more expensive resort. We were told everything had been taken care of and there would be no further charges.
On our return the travel agent invoiced us for a further $700:00. At no time had we arranged with the travel agent to find us accomodation nor did they ever contact us when in Rarotonga.
My question is do they have the right to charge us for something we did not ask them to do.