We tested the drives’ speed and durability. We checked how they performed in normal use and how they stood up to some rigorous tests designed to mimic everyday (if extreme) situations.


We timed the read and write speed of each drive by copying two 5GB folders of different-sized files multiple times. One folder contained large files and the other many small files. The average read and write speeds are shown in our Test results in Megabits per second (Mbps).

All performance tests used the FAT32 file system.


We simulated potentially damaging scenarios a flash drive might encounter in everyday use. And we didn't go easy on them.

We dropped them repeatedly from 1.5m, put them through washing machine and clothes dryer cycles, baked them in an oven for an hour at 60°C (to simulate the interior of a hot car glovebox), and finally ran over them with a car. Twice.

See the Test results for full details of how all the drives performed.

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