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No best before dates on baked beans Posted by: Andrew Tang 27 Apr 2013 1:03pm

I was checking the emergency food supply and realised there was no best before dates on any of our cannned food - I checked everywhere and ask the supermarket about this. They said there probably is just none. Is that illegal?

Meat labelled with 'best before' Posted by: Res 06 Mar 2013 8:14pm

Recently I bought meat from our local butcher (part of the presto a chain). I noticed all the packaging was labelled with 'best before' rather than 'use by'. Some of the product (chorizo sticks) were being sold after their best before.

Is it legal for butchers to sell perishable goods like meat with the best before label rather than the use by? If so, isn't this just a way of sneaking around the law?

Tomato sauce Posted by: Louise Tahere 25 Mar 2011 7:15pm

Yes, with just two of us we do not use the tomato sauce within 8 weeks may be in the fridge for 4 months tastes the same smells the same, wow had no idea on most things you have put on this report. You wonder sometimes why you may get the odd tummy ache but not sore enough to stay home well it might just be that tomato sauce!

milk Posted by: Linda Thompson 24 Apr 2010 2:27pm

What about milk?

What about the food that moves? Posted by: peteri 23 Apr 2010 9:01am

This report assumes you can catch it. I'm mean that's fundamental to throwing it out. I'm somewhat disappointed that consumer hasn't added advise on the food that's been in there so long it's, grown legs and learned to run and hide.

Tomato sauce - 8 weeks?! Posted by: russell1 22 Apr 2010 9:17pm

Come on, who would throw out tomato sauce after it has been opened and in the fridge for 8 weeks? It lasts a lot longer than that - never had a problem.