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Steven has a point... Posted by: ChundaMars 15 Jul 2009 2:17pm

Australia has a much bigger issue because they lack an R or R18 rating - so in effect, anything that would get an R rating here, must either be banned or reclassified as an M rating. This means either taking away games that responsible adults over the age of 18 could enjoy, or making quite adult games available to younger players.
I'm definitely with Bill with regards to parents though - your average parent just ignore the ratings, which is bizarre because they're the same as appear on DVDs and movies and you don't see many parents buying their 10 year old kids R18 movies, do you?

Less is more? Posted by: Steven Quick 14 Jul 2009 8:14pm

I tend to question Bill's desire to rate more games. Is he going to rate every mini-game in Facebook or every online flash game too, I'm sure he would love to justify having more staff and a bigger budget to do just that..

It's another case (in my opinion) where the majority of people are already self responsible and based on good old common sense use games apporiately.

The minority will let their kids play games they shouldn't no matter how you rate or classify them.

Such is life.

Consider that Australia lacks R and R18 ratings so a lot more games get rated MA15+ than you would expect