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14 August 2014

10-year passports on the table

Government will look at going back to longer period.

The possibility of returning to 10-year passports will be looked at as part of a review announced by Internal Affairs Minister Peter Dunne.

The Government Administration Committee recommended a review be done after it had not been able to come to a conclusion about retaining a 5-year validity period or moving to 10.

Mr Dunne said the Government agreed with the committee that moving to biometric passports increased their security.

“While attempts to counterfeit and/or falsify passports, including biometric passports continue, advances in technology are continuing to diminish that risk. It is therefore timely to investigate whether security features in the passport need to be refreshed every five years as opposed to a 10-year interval,” Mr Dunne said.

“I have also asked the Department of Internal Affairs to review passport costs. Our world-class and highly secure passport system is funded purely on a cost-recovery basis meaning that only those who need passports pay for the service.”

Moving to a 10-year passport could lead to them costing more as revenue would fall from them being processed less frequently.

“When the independent and departmental reviews are complete in December, any changes that are recommended will be presented to Cabinet,” Mr Dunne said.

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