We are excited to announce our 2016 Top Brand winners. The awards cover large and small kitchen appliances, laundry and cleaning appliances, line trimmers and heat pumps.

To achieve Top Brand status, a brand must perform well in product tests and our customer satisfaction and reliability surveys. We are uniquely placed to name Top Brands because of our history of testing products and services, and our extensive reliability data.

To find our winners, we analyse the test performance of all products in the category we’ve tested that are currently available to buy. Then we look at reliability data, based on repairs needed to products our members have bought in the last five years. Finally, we consider owner satisfaction from a survey of our members.

A Top Brand award is given to the brand that performs best across all three measures for each product category. In some categories we can’t split the best performers, so we make a dual-award. In others, we find no brand that performs well enough, and we don’t award Top Brand.

Freezers, fridges and fridge-freezers - Fisher & Paykel
Excellent test performance and very good owner satisfaction

Wall ovens - Miele
Strong performance across all measures, but especially owner satisfaction.

Dual-fuel ovens - Bosch
Strong across all measures with excellent owner satisfaction.

Cooktops - Bosch
Good test performance across gas, ceramic and induction cooktops with excellent reliability and owner satisfaction.

Microwaves - Breville
The only brand consistently above-average across all three measures.

Dishwashers - Miele
Above-average test performance, reliability and owner satisfaction.

Food mixers - Kenwood and Breville
Better than average hand and benchtop mixer test performance, with strong reliability and owner satisfaction.

Food blenders - Breville
The best test performance backed up with good reliability and owner satisfaction.

Food processors - Magimix
Strong across all measures with exceptional owner satisfaction.

Espresso machines - Breville
The only brand consistently above-average across all three measures.

Toasters](https://www.consumer.org.nz/products/toasters/overview) - Breville
Very good test performance with good reliability and owner satisfaction.

Kettles - No award
No brands achieved strong performance across all three measures.

Washing machines - Miele and LG
Miele is the standout brand for reliability and satisfaction of its front-loaders, while LG performs strongly across all measures for its front- and top-loading machines.

Clothes dryers - Bosch and Miele
Bosch has top test performance across all types of dryer and above-average reliability. Miele has good test performance for its condenser and heat pump dryers with excellent owner satisfaction.

Vacuum cleaners (corded) - Miele and Sebo
Above-average test performance and reliability, and exceptional owner satisfaction for both brands.

Vacuum cleaners (cordless) - Dyson
Excellent test performance and owner satisfaction.

Heat Pumps - Panasonic
Above-average performance and owner satisfaction.

Line trimmers - Stihl
Above-average test performance and exceptional owner satisfaction.