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Reviewed October 2021

5 rules for online shopping

Make sure your bargain buying goes to plan.

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Mark H.
28 Oct 2017
It is definitely worth picking and choosing who you order from!

There are plenty of online sellers overseas that are really good to deal with, have good prices and are reliable. Avoid the scammers and those that charge insane shipping costs and you will generally have a good experience. Also make sure that electrical items will work with 240V power, most will but you don't want a 110V item that wont work here.

I rarely buy something that will attract GST and/or duty because of that $50 charge, not exactly a level playing field once you factor that in. I'll normally buy things that are cheap enough not to need to pay GST on or dear enough that the $50 isn't such a big deal.

Steve K.
28 Oct 2017
Fake NZ Shopping sites

Having been stung twice already this year (luckily using CC so able to chargeback) I just checked out this "local" website, and... https://dnc.org.nz/whois/softwarecity.co.nz
Thanks Consumer.

Jane H.
28 Oct 2017
Worth a look

Just used https://dnc.org.nz/ to look at a few websites that I use to purchase from and great to see who we are dealing with.

Jane H.
28 Oct 2017
Timely advice

Thank you for posting information in regards to online shopping. It is greatly appreciated.