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3 November 2016

$7500 data bill among telco complaints

Complainant requested her telco cap data use at $50.

A complaint from a consumer facing a $7500 mobile data bill was among the 2600 inquiries recorded by the Telecommunication Dispute Resolution (TDR) scheme this year.

The $7500 bill, incurred for data used while the complainant was on holiday in Rarotonga, was successfully challenged after the TDR accepted the woman had previously requested her telco cap data use at $50.

Inquiries to the TDR have risen 35% this year, a trend it attributes to increased awareness of the scheme. Billing is the top complaint but the scheme has also seen an increase in complaints about fibre installation.

The TDR annual report highlights the case of a 71-year-old woman advised to stand on top of her hot water cylinder to connect her landline after technicians had elected to install the fibre terminal above the cylinder. The case was settled after the TDR referred the matter back to the woman’s telco.

If you’ve got a complaint with your telco that you can’t resolve, you can take the case to the TDR, a free dispute resolution scheme. Most major telcos are members.

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