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7 August 2013

Faulty mobile phones

Consumers are being mislead about their rights.

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Elvin R.
15 Nov 2017
Iphone faulty

I had a similar situation with Vodafone after my iphone 5s failed to connect to the network. They wouldn’t help me so i did some research and after numerous calls and more calls, they finally gave me a voucher for a new phone. I even recorded a conversation with the manager at Lower Hutt Vodafone who said consumer guarantees act didn’t apply. I couldn’t believe how arrogant they were and in the way they tried to treat me, a loyal customer to Vodafone for more than 10 years and still not valued 😡

Maria G.
04 Mar 2017

My son's iPhone developed a fault and I took it to the Vodafone shop because it was under warranty. They said it could not be covered by the warranty because it has scratches. I went home and checked the warranty which said that scratches do indeed void the warranty - but only when the scratches are responsible for the phone not working!! I contacted Apple direct and got a replacement phone. I later contacted Vodafone and copied my email to the Executive Team. Apparently it was a staff training issue.

Previous member
29 Feb 2016
Phone failed after 28 months

Spark say the expected life of a phone is 24 months so too bad. But, i see here that the TDR ordered vodafone to fix a 30 month old phone.

Marie M.
14 Nov 2014
Replaced i-phone 5S

I had an i-phone 5S and my daughter had an i-phone 5, the i-phone 5S developed a fault after 3 months. The i-phone 5 developed a fault after a year. These were replaced with refurbished phones from Vodafone. Vodafone told us, it was their policy to replace the phones with refurbished phones. However, after talking to Consumer and working with TDR, Vodafone finally after several months communication sent us vouchers to purchase any phone to the value of $1040 each, which was what we paid for the phones. It is a long, frustrating process, but it is well worth it.

Previous member
27 May 2015
Refurbished anything!

Should not be allowed. To replace a broken or faulty appliance with another one that has been repaired is just plain wrong. I presume the warranty or guarantee on the repaired item would not be as long as a new one?