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16 December 2013

A better deal or good service?

Recently I received a cold call from internet service provider (ISP) Slingshot wanting my flat to switch our telecommunication services to them.

Recently I received a call on my landline. I usually only get landline calls from my parents, but it was a cold call from internet service provider (ISP) Slingshot wanting my flat to switch our telecommunication services to them.

Slingshot offered us two months free internet and landline telephone services if we switched, and tried to match the deal we have with our current provider.

We’ve had no issues with the customer service offered by Actrix, our current provider, and we’re getting a relatively competitive internet and phone package. But I must admit that the thought of getting two months of free services is very tempting. It’s always important to read the fine print regarding minimum contract length though.

It can also be worth asking your existing company to match their competitor’s offer. This worked for me last time!

In our latest member survey of ISPs, Actrix scored substantially better for customer service than Slingshot. If they have similar plans but Slingshot is offering me two months free, is it worth taking a punt on Slingshot? I am always about getting the best value for money, but sometimes it can be better to pay a bit extra for quality service.

I have a similar situation with my bank at the moment. I switched from ANZ to Kiwibank about five years ago. Since moving to Kiwibank I have been impressed by their customer service and the lack of bank fees. The only glitch is having to queue up at NZ Post shops along with customers figuring out how much it costs to post parcels to Ecuador.

I was recently looking at transferring the balance on my credit card in order to get lower interest rates. Some companies, including ANZ, Kiwibank and Westpac, were offering low interest rates for a limited time if you transferred your debt to one of their cards. I ended up going to ANZ because its deal was best for my situation.

ANZ rated lower than Kiwibank in our most recent member survey of bank customer service, but I got an attractive interest rate on my balance for 12 months. Does customer service matter?

What do you look for when choosing companies? Do you go for the best deal or the quality of service?

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Scott Donaldson is technology novice compared with some of the other Consumer bloggers. He still has fond memories of Sonic the Hedgehog on Master System 2 and Alex the Kidd built in, but has generally put his fascination with technology behind him since then. He studied sociology, marketing and journalism and is intrigued by social situations - how people behave and why they buy what they do.

Scott has written for several sports and personal blogs and websites, allowing him outpour his passion for the Southland Stags rugby team.

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