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24 September 2014

A look at the changes we've made

Feedback is helping us fine-tune new website.

It’s been 10 weeks since Consumer launched its new website and since then we’ve been constantly looking at ways we can improve the experience for our members.

Thank you to those who have let us know how the change is working for you and provided suggestions of ways we can improve.

After listening to your great feedback we've been working on the following changes:


There are a few changes we have made to help users find what they are looking for faster. One of those is making alterations to what we call the “megamenu” – the panel up the top that lets you select what topic you are interested in.

We've made it clearer that if you click on ‘About (a product)’, for example ‘About vacuum cleaners’, you will access general information about that product. If you click ‘View all (product)’, for example ‘View all vacuum cleaners’, you will be taken to the list of products.

It’s also now easier to navigate back to the general product page from the product's test results thanks to the new red buttons.

Signing in

When we launched the new website, users were given one free click before they were prompted to sign in. Users now get seven clicks before they are prompted to sign up or sign in. The increase in the number of free clicks means you can ensure that our service is right for you before you decide to become a member.


A few members told us they found the search function confusing as the search results looked as though they were the actual report. We have underlined the links so that it is now clear you need to click on the link to get the full report.

Comparing products

Our responsive new site makes comparing products on your mobile device while out and about just as easy as if you were looking at the results on a desktop at home. The new design lets you compare the actual products you are interested in, rather than sorting through the old test tables.

For example, you can choose to compare just those products within your price range or products from only the brands you would buy.


We are happy to say printing website pages will soon be available, allowing you to print test results and take them shopping with you. Keep in mind can be used on mobile devices. As long as a member has their smartphone on them they also have Consumer’s test results available to them while shopping.

Thank you for patience while we fine tune the new website and to those who have provided their feedback. We love hearing your ideas so keep them coming. We are listening and doing our best to improve the experience for you.

If you have further feedback you would like to provide the Consumer team you can do so using our feedback form.

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