The Consumer Trusted accreditation programme is an initiative designed to advance the interests of New Zealand consumers.

Our product testing, surveys, investigations and lobbying already advance consumer protection for all New Zealanders. By accrediting businesses committed to delivering exceptional and fair customer experiences beyond consumer law requirements, we are providing consumers with confidence and leading the way in raising the standards of retail and service providers. In addition, Consumer Gold and Silver members can save money by accessing exclusive deals from Consumer Trusted businesses.

How does the programme work?

Consumer Trusted businesses comply with the Consumer NZ Code of Conduct (555 KB). The Code is based on 8 principles: exceptional customer service; fair returns and refund policies; fair handling of customer complaints and a dispute resolution process; fair contracts; clear pricing; integrity of privacy and data policy; accurate advertising; and access to a customer friendly website. The programme Rules (414 KB) govern how the Code is assessed and compliance monitored.

For example:

  • If you change your mind about a product purchased from a Consumer Trusted business, you’re eligible for a full refund for non-perishable goods returned in as new condition within 30 days.
  • Purchases over $100 are price guaranteed! If the product goes on sale within a week, you are entitled to a refund of the difference.
  • Our Consumer NZ Advisory Service is available to provide advice about issues or complaints with any Consumer Trusted business.

How do I recognise Consumer Trusted businesses?

Accredited businesses are able to use the Consumer Trusted brandmark in any of their marketing and promotion activity such as store signage, and on their website. Consumer Trusted businesses are listed in our Business Directory, and in Consumer magazine.

All applications of the brandmark are approved by Consumer NZ prior to use and meet our brand usage guidelines.

Download a copy of:

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Learn more about the accreditation programme from our FAQs for consumers and businesses.