Executive team

Consumer New Zealand’s Executive Team is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation.


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Sue Chetwin

Chief Executive

Sue joined Consumer in April 2007 after more than 25 years in print journalism. Sue was formerly the Editor of Sunday News, Sunday Star Times and the Herald on Sunday. She says there are strong parallels between consumer advocacy and journalism. Her key role is to ensure Consumer remains relevant and an important part of Kiwi lives.

Sue oversees all of Consumer’s operations including publishing the magazine and our website, and the increasingly important contracts business. She is also the public face of the organisation. Sue is a director of the Banking Ombudsman Scheme, a member of the Online Media Standards Authority and a member of the Electricity Authority Retail Advisory group.

Contact: suzanne@consumer.org.nz

Karen McDonald

Deputy CEO
Head of Business Development

Karen first joined Consumer in 2007 and is now on her second stint with us, returning in 2012. Karen is responsible for maximising revenue from membership and other sources to support Consumer's research, testing and advocacy programme. She oversees the Consumer business development and business endorsement programmes as well as PR and customer-service activity.

Contact: karen@consumer.org.nz

Julie Saunders

Financial Controller

Julie joined Consumer in July 2015. She is responsible for financial management and reporting, including budgeting, forecasting, statutory reporting and internal reports for the management team and the board. Julie also looks after our member database and manages insurance, payroll, investments, contracts and audit functions.

Contact: julie@consumer.org.nz

Derek Bonnar

General Manager – Business

Derek joined Consumer in April 2015 to continue his successful career in the field of endorsement marketing. Derek also has significant experience in the Banking and Finance sector having spent many years in that industry, including two years at the Commerce Commission dealing with CCCFA and FTA legislation. Derek heads up the Consumer Trusted and Consumer Recommends programmes for Consumer, as well as the Top Brand and People’s Choice accreditations. This includes having a high level of interaction with businesses to help them make the most of endorsements and promote exceptional customer experiences.

Derek is passionate about the impact endorsements have on both consumers and businesses.

Contact: derek@consumer.org.nz

Scott Feehan

GM Digital

Scott has been a Consumer member for many years and joined us in January 2010. He is responsible for managing our technology infrastructure, website strategies and developments. Scott has a mix of experience having worked in the financial and advertising sectors, including 10+ years managing technology and website initiatives. Scott has a keen interest in website usability, cloud-based solutions and is an active social media user, particularly Twitter.

Contact: scottf@consumer.org.nz

Vaibhav Kawale

Head of Marketing and Market Research

Vaibhav is responsible for Consumer's marketing and market research programme. A seasoned customer insights professional, he joined us in 2014 from a background in market research and the rigours of political polling. Being in charge of our consumer opinion surveys, he makes sure we hear unbiased, fair and representative public opinion about every consumer issue. Vaibhav is also responsible for Consumer’s marketing strategy. His objective is to extend the reach of our work so all New Zealanders benefit from it and recognise Consumer as an impeccable source of unbiased, independent consumer advice. A devoted cricket fan, he sees Consumer as the trustworthy umpire on a rather uneven playing field.

Contact: vaibhav@consumer.org.nz

Jessica Wilson

Head of Research

Jessica joined Consumer in 2008 as a writer. In her current role, she works with a dedicated group of staff responsible for the organisation’s investigations and campaigns. The research group also includes Consumer’s expert advisers who respond to over 4000 member inquiries on consumer-related issues each year.

Contact: jessica@consumer.org.nz

Paul Smith

Head of Testing

Paul Smith manages Consumer’s product test programme. He has spent most of his career pushing user-focused quality into the design and manufacture of cars in the UK, and educating design engineers of the future in New Zealand. Paul wants Consumer’s independent tests to empower people to make informed purchase decisions. He’ll only be satisfied when he rids the world (or at least New Zealand) of underperforming, poorly designed products.

Contact: pauls@consumer.org.nz