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28 November 2017

Aero Fire told to stop faking services

Company didn't carry out the work it charged for.

A company charging to service fire extinguishers but not actually carrying out the work has been issued with a “stop now” letter by the Commerce Commission.

Aero Fire, which operates in Auckland and Hamilton, has been told by the commission to stop pretending to test, refill and recharge extinguishers.

Commissioner Anna Rawlings said it appeared Aero Fire had been paid to service 300 fire extinguishers but only 2 had been pressure tested and recharged.

Aero Fire has also been told to stop claiming it operates in accordance with the relevant New Zealand Standard, as it does not. The company was also required to cease punching maintenance tags to show testing has been done when it hasn’t.

The commission said Aero Fire had confirmed it would comply with the requests.

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