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5 April 2019

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 4 (2018) review

What has Amazon done to improve on previous generations of the Kindle? Head of testing Paul Smith finds out.

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Marie S.
16 Jan 2020
Kindle Replacement or iPad with kindle Ap

I enjoyed your review. I am looking at a kindle replacement as my 2012 model will not stay charged. I don’t currently have a tablet and have iPhone XR which I just updated from a 4s. I have a laptop purchased around same time as 4s so getting up their in age. I have regular hospital trips where I use my devices when staying for treatment. I am considering whether to look at iPad tablet rather than straight kindle and wonder if you had any thoughts best way to go.

John C.
26 Feb 2020
Kindle Battery

Hopefully with the Kindle 4 the battery is replaceable and a service provided to do this, as the lack of being able to replace my existing Kindle had put me off buying a new Kindle to date.

Steve P.
18 May 2019

Hi Paul,
Where did you buy yours? I am particularly interested in the Bluetooth for audiobooks and most available seem to not have this having browsed around the usual suspects....

Consumer staff
20 May 2019
Re: Availability

Hi Steve,

The Paperwhite 4 has Bluetooth, I use it regularly with Bluetooth headphones. I’m not certain if any other models do, having just tried that one. I bought mine from PB Tech as they had the best deal at the time, but I suggest watching priceme.co.nz and pricespy.co.nz as there are a few retailers who often have them below RRP.

Kind regards,

Paul - Consumer NZ.

Katherine H.
14 May 2019
Love my kindle

Even though I enjoy reading paper books too, I find the Kindle is good in many ways - can enlarge text, carry in handbag so excellent for travel, easy download of new books, and easy reading at breakfast without the pages flipping back. Also useful to be able to mark text for later referral. Easy to use and the battery lasts for ages.

Terry M.
11 May 2019
Kindle and New Zealand Public Libraries

Kindle is a great product, however, in New Zealand users are not able to download ebooks from their local public libraries, whereas Kobo can be used to access these. Might not be a major point for most people, however, for those of us who do read a lot (3 ebooks a week and I do have a life outside of books, just don't watch a lot of visual media) public libraries are a great service. We have a Kindle and a Kobo in our household.

Paul S.
16 May 2022
No support for NZ public libraries

We've got a 2013 Kindle, and although it still works as an eReader, not being able to borrow eBooks from our local library is a deal breaker, so we're currently looking into getting a Kobo. A review of the eReaders available in NZ would be a good addition to the Consumer reviews.