Anko milk frother

How does the Anko milk frother compare to a steam wand for frothing your milk?

Milk frother and cup of coffee

I tried the Anko milk frother to see how it compared to an espresso machine’s steam wand. But it’s not just for coffee, I also used it to make my favourite winter drinks, such as hot chocolate.

Espresso machine steam wands heat and froth milk, but they can be tricky to use and are messy. In comparison, the Anko milk frother is a jug with a whisk at the bottom for spinning milk. This creates a vortex that aerates the milk and produces froth, while the jug heats it. And you don’t need to be a barista to use it.

The frother is cordless, with a base like a kettle. It comes with two whisks: a foaming one that breaks up the milk to create a thick foam (hot or cold), while the warming whisk produces a smaller amount of foam as the jug heats the milk.

You can froth any type of cold milk (such as dairy, soy or almond), but don’t put anything other than milk in the jug.

Both whisks have a magnet, so they can be easily placed in the bottom of the metal jug and you won’t lose them. Whichever whisk I wasn’t using was stored on the underside of the lid.

It has a minimum (75ml) and two maximum fill lines, depending on if you’re frothing or warming milk. However, the lines aren’t easy to see unless you have a light directly overhead.

To clean, just give the inside of the jug a good scrub with a plastic brush. However, don’t leave milk sitting for too long after heating, as it could bake on to the sides.

You can froth any type of cold milk (such as dairy, soy or almond), but don’t put anything other than milk in the jug.

Hot milk froth

First up, I pitted the milk frother against an espresso machine steam wand and I was impressed. Using the frothing whisk, it produced lots of foam that stood in peaks like meringue. With a press of the power button the jug heated the milk (about 125ml) to about 65°C in two minutes. It worked just as well as a steam wand, but was easier to use with a more consistent result. It was also quiet with a gentle hum, and there’s no annoying squeal from a wrongly angled jug like with a steam wand.

Cold milk froth

This was one of my favourite uses for the frother, as I often add cold milk to lower the temperature of hot drinks. This mode uses the frothing whisk, but the jug doesn’t heat. To choose this option, press the power button three times. It produced a generous amount of cold foam and only took about two minutes. It was also great for making cold drinks, such as frappes.

Milk warming

The next drink I made was a chai latte, which doesn’t need lots of foam. Fortunately, the Anko frother has a milk-heating mode (press the power button twice) that warms up to 300ml of milk in about three minutes and a half minutes. It uses the warming whisk but still aerated the milk and produced a decent amount of foam.


I liked the Anko milk frother. It’s a good alternative to a steam wand as it didn’t require any skill to operate, cleaning up was quick and there was less risk of burning the milk. I gave it to a co-worker who has a Nespresso Aeroccino, a popular milk frother that costs three times as much as the Anko. She liked it and found it comparable in performance and ease of use. For $39, this is a great addition to my kitchen, especially for winter drinks.

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Specs: Anko milk frother

Price: $39 available only at Kmart
Modes: Hot froth, cold froth, milk warming
Maximum capacity approx: 125ml frothing; 300ml milk warming
Jug dimensions: 18cm tall, 9.5cm diameter
Charging base dimensions: 3cm tall, 11cm diameter
Charging base cord length: 83cm

Member comments

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Brenda H.
24 Jul 2020
It broke

Had one for 6 months and it’s dead. As it was part of a Christmas gift I don’t have the receipt so can’t take it back. Not impressed, but I guess you get what you pay for

Gina Sanders & P.
27 Nov 2019
lasted less than a year

I bought one of these, but after less than a year of twice-weekly use (sometimes less), it failed. K-Mart did refund without question, but I was put off and will pay more for a more reliable brand.

Robert L.
06 Jul 2019
Milking the system or just seeing an opportunity.

I was encouraged by this pleasant review to go and buy one at K Mart. They have just increased the price on line and in store to $39.00 . In store they were still priced on the shelf at 34.00 (they hadn't got around to changing the price) and by asking nicely they agreed to sell at the labeled price. Thank you Kmart. I can not help wondering if the $5 increase reflects the glowing review ? Get in quick you may enjoy the same opportunity.

Consumer staff
08 Jul 2019
Re: Milking the system or just seeing an opportunity.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for letting us know about the price increase. We've updated our report with the new price.

Fonda - Consumer NZ staff