Bad Taste Food Awards 2018
Research report
8 December 2018

Bad Taste Food Awards 2018

We name and shame food manufacturers whose claims try and convince us their products seem like better choices. See our 2018 "winners".

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Cliff V.
10 Dec 2018
Pure Living Water

Hi. I know I've missed submitting for your Bad Taste Food Awards, but I just had to tell you about a product I've recently discovered. I'm not sure you could call it a "food", but given the branding I get the impression the manufacturers certainly want you to think it is. It's called "Pure Living Water", and comes in a handy 10 litre box. It's actually worth getting if you're going out on a boat, or are somewhere where you can't drink the water (think Havelock North!). What blows me away, though, is the printing on the side of the box. Along with "optimum", and "purity", there's "cellular hydration" and "enhancing bodily functions". My favourite, though, is "oxygen rich". No doubt they'll be coming out soon with a new, improved version, with the words "double the hydrogen". H2O indeed! You can buy the product at your local New World.

PS - if you want to put this in the magazine, that's fine, and I can even supply a picture. However, please don't include my name. Cheers.