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30 November 2020

Bad Taste Food Awards 2020

Our annual Bad Taste Food Awards highlight product claims we think are hard to digest.

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R J & A D.
09 Dec 2020
Water in bacon

Interesting findings re Beehive ham. Has a study ever been done on bacon? I stopped buying Beehive products when the packet of bacon that I bought turned out to be so infused with water that even after draining it several times on kitchen towel it was so soggy that I was hard put to crisp it under the grill.

Kevin H.
05 Dec 2020
Fat + sugar

I was diagnosed with coronary artery disease in 2003. I then underwent a 'healthy living' at the local hospital for several weeks.
I recall the dietician pointing out the dangers of too much sugar and fat and how to read the Nutrition Information chart on packaged food.
If you add the sugar and fat percentage in the 'per 100g' column, and the combined total is over 20%, give it a miss.
Sitting in our pantry, is a packet of Mother Earth Anzac Oaty Slice food bars.
Sounds healthy, however, combined sugar and fat content is 49.2%!!!!
These companies can't have a social conscience.

Lynsie Anne M.
05 Dec 2020
Read the side panel

Sometimes reading the ingredients can be confusing, especially the small print! However put your reading glasses on (if needed) and sugar wise you only need to read the last column that gives the amounts per 100g/ml. that gives you the percentage of sugar whatever amount you are consuming.
Apologies to all that know this but in my experience many don't realise that the last column is the important one. 5g sugar = 1 tsp.

Lynne H.
05 Dec 2020
Package or contents

Basically I think the packaging would give you about the same value if you eat it instead of the contents. Make your own from basic ingredients in all cases. Its cheap wisdom to eat out of anything packaged.

Ray M.
05 Dec 2020
Natural, organic ...?

If it doesn't look like it was cut from an animal, picked form a tree or dug from the ground it probably has lots of added extras like sugar etc. Manufacturers know we've spent decades demonising fat so they replaced it with sugar which may even be worse.
Buy it fresh or frozen from fresh and you are likely to get something better for you.

Judith B.
05 Dec 2020
BAck to basics

Fast foods in disguise. When it is sugar free they add more fat; when it is law fat they add sugar. Make your own and be in charge.

Reece T.
03 Dec 2020
Reece T

Don't get me started on the star rating system :)

Mark H.
01 Dec 2020
Keep up the good work

There are thousands of these crappy products masquerading as healthy.

Hamish W.
30 Nov 2020

Fortunately, I've not been tempted by any of them.

Thanks for the good work from your team.