Bad Taste Food Awards 2019: call for nominations

Help us name and shame the worst offenders.

Bad Taste Food Awards

What do you call a kids’ cereal that boasts it’s “made with whole grain wheat” but is 30% sugar? We’d call it a case of bad taste marketing.

If you’re sick of the claims companies use to make their products seem like healthier choices, now’s your chance to call them out.

Nominations are open for our 2019 Bad Taste Food Awards.

We’re inviting consumers to nominate products they think are the worst offenders.

Whether it’s a sugar-filled cereal bragging about being “whole grain” or a bliss ball claiming “no refined sugar” but packed with other sweeteners, we want to hear which products you think deserve to be named and shamed.

Get your nominations to us by 28 October 2019 using the form below, email us or send a video nomination to

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Steve B.
26 Sep 2019
On the good side there is Shredded Wheat - but oh the price in NZ

To me this is the ultimate dependable breakfast cereal toting 0.3 grams per serve, or 0.6 if you double up.

In Oz 12 biscuits are $4 bucks on special, substantially more here in NZ from the supermarket which claims to be the cheapest. Did you know the only tinned apples they sell are made in china!

Karen N.
28 Sep 2018
Name and Shame Misleading Packaging

Hi there. I would love you to run a similar "name and Shame" with food companies who use packaging that makes it look like there is much more in the packet than what there really is.
E.g. Huntley&Palmers new Oatmeal crackers. In this case, the packaging is well-oversized for the paltry number of crackers inside. Cheers Karen.