The EGO 56V LM2102E-SP and Castelgarden Testarossa T482GGP.
30 October 2017

Battery & petrol mower go head to head

Should you trade in your petrol mower for an eco-friendly cordless one?

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Peter C.
08 May 2022
Ego Mower is Great

I have one of the smaller Ego mowers. It takes about 25 mins to mow our lawn.
I use the mulching plug so can just zoom around the lawn without emptying a catcher.

It does a great job and I have had no issues with stalling. Perhaps like everything else its about getting the right tool for the job. If there are weeks between cutting and/or a rough lawn then maybe an electric mower is not for you.

The light weight, quite running and easy start all combine to make a great product.

I also have the ego multi tool with a pole saw and weed eater using the same batteries as the mower. They all work well although the batter does tend to make them a bit heavy. Without needing to get an extension cord or fuel or anything, I find myself just grabbing them to do something quickly that I probably wouldn't have bothered previously.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Ego.

Geoffrey S.
08 Jan 2022
Battery Electric mowers do not cut as close as petrol mowers

I purchased a n EGO mower from Mitre 10 but found it was very hard to push over uneven lawns (the body scrapes on the ground which means that you are pushing
it along on the ground at times rather than it's wheels).
It is also poor at pushing the grass into the catcher (you need to stop and clear the grass frequently). It is very reliable like all battery mowers. I replaced it with a Makita battery mower which performs better (but still does not cut as close as a petrol mower which I still have). In my view the Makita is a better battery mower option and 36 volts of Makita power seems just as good as 58 volts of EGO power and the Makita batteries can be removed and used in many other Makita battery tools (there is not such a big range of EGO tools which can use the mower battery).
I note that Consumer seems very keen on the EGO but I would disagree on the basis of my experience with an EGO and a Makita.

Michelle G.
07 Sep 2021
Another option

A push mower is another option. Provides a work out for me, no energy consumption other than my usual food, and as I use an old one that’s been spruced up and serviced, really good longevity of the initial resources. Surely best option for the planet for as long as I am up for it?

Owen R.
13 Jan 2021
Lousy EGO after-sale service

Mitre 10 stock hundreds of these mowers but know zilch about back-up. When a petrol mower stalls it stops. When an EGO stalls it blows a fuse in its innards somewhere . It's not a home-fix so take it to someone who is supposed to know how to fix it . I was pushing it a bit hard, blew its fufu valve, took nearly a month to replace a PCB. The mower is fantastic but why on earth can't they put a fuse somewhere for the operator to fix??????????? instead of blowing money and time and getting someone in to mow your lawns.
Now it's popped again and after a week, still no parts., and another contractor cost to mow them. Pathetic.

william c.
02 Jan 2022

Thanks Owen, i will do a bit more homework and cross EGO off my list for battery mowers.

Dom H.
08 Jan 2022
I have an EGO mower to

Ive stalled it a few times but just wait 10 minutes and it auto resets. In fact most times I dont even have to wait that long, what are you doing to cause this issue???

Jj B.
08 Sep 2018
Chainsaws next please

Could you do a similar comparison for chainsaws please? I am keen to know if cordless have reached the point where they are as good as petrol. e.g. compare a petrol powered Stihl with an similar sized Stihl cordless.