The EGO 56V LM2102E-SP and Castelgarden Testarossa T482GGP.
30 October 2017

Battery & petrol mower go head to head

Should you trade in your petrol mower for an eco-friendly cordless one?

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Michelle G.
07 Sep 2021
Another option

A push mower is another option. Provides a work out for me, no energy consumption other than my usual food, and as I use an old one that’s been spruced up and serviced, really good longevity of the initial resources. Surely best option for the planet for as long as I am up for it?

Owen R.
13 Jan 2021
Lousy EGO after-sale service

Mitre 10 stock hundreds of these mowers but know zilch about back-up. When a petrol mower stalls it stops. When an EGO stalls it blows a fuse in its innards somewhere . It's not a home-fix so take it to someone who is supposed to know how to fix it . I was pushing it a bit hard, blew its fufu valve, took nearly a month to replace a PCB. The mower is fantastic but why on earth can't they put a fuse somewhere for the operator to fix??????????? instead of blowing money and time and getting someone in to mow your lawns.
Now it's popped again and after a week, still no parts., and another contractor cost to mow them. Pathetic.

Jj B.
08 Sep 2018
Chainsaws next please

Could you do a similar comparison for chainsaws please? I am keen to know if cordless have reached the point where they are as good as petrol. e.g. compare a petrol powered Stihl with an similar sized Stihl cordless.