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5 September 2014

Opinion: Experimenting pays off

Samsung impresses with its 'crazy' approach.

Today Samsung launched the new Note 4, the latest version of its gigantic phone range. The Note is a perfect example of Samsung’s strategy in the mobile market: try new crazy stuff all the time.

The first Note had huge form factor and many phone users and tech writers talked about how it was too big. So Samsung responded by making it larger.

The Note 2 and Note 3 have been big successes for Samsung and the Note 3 is currently the highest-rated phone in our test.

It’s this fearlessness about experimentation that has made Samsung successful while also the bane of developers.

While Apple has been making exceptional phones, they kept much the same form factor. Everything works incredibly well but everything is very safe.

In the meantime, Samsung has just released the Galaxy K Zoom with a full compact camera on the back of it. At first I thought it was a stupid idea but the phone grew on me. I still think it’s too thick but having an actual camera with an optical zoom and lots of manual adjustment options is pretty cool.

But no one would know if consumers actually want a phone with a full camera on the back unless someone actually made one. Samsung had the guts (or perhaps bullheadedness) to do that.

A year or so ago they tried launching a phone with a curved screen (with the curve axis running down the length of the phone rather than across it like LG’s attempt at the same thing.) This phone didn’t exactly set the world aflame. But Samsung keeps experimenting and has now released the Note Edge.

The Edge literally has the screen wrapping around one edge of the phone and this serves as your notification bar. Suddenly a curve in your screen is useful! All because Samsung thought it’d be a cool idea and went through a bunch of less useful designs until it got to a good one.

So please Samsung, keep experimenting!

About the author:

Hadyn Green is a geek. He loves shiny new tech and the chance to try to break it. Because it's the kind of thing people ask, here is the tech Hadyn currently uses. Phone: Samsung Galaxy S5 Tablet: iPad mini retina. Music player: Spotify. Headphones: Sony MDR-G55 (for walking because I hate earbuds) and Beats Studio noise-cancelling (for sitting at my desk and tuning out the world). E-Reader: Kindle Touch. Gaming: PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Internet Service Provider: Snap.

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