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Research report
20 January 2021

Carpet washers: are they worth the investment?

We find out if a budget carpet washer beats a premium model.

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Elijah W.
25 Nov 2021
Where is the review for...

... Bissell Stain Eraser Pet 2006F cordless spot cleaner? Click in the link but it is not there!

David C.
01 Mar 2021
On the other hand...

...you could just get rid of the fitted carpets - I'm planning a house build and don't plan on fitted carpets anywhere in the house as they trap so much dirt, are hard to clean, and are very expensive. Properly insulated hard floors with rugs you can change as mood suits and wash outdoors are far simpler. I've also lived with large and active dogs, and if you have a pet who seems to be constantly surrounded by a halo of flying hair and is attached to muddy paws, who needs that much work?

Donald S.
01 Mar 2021
Rug doctor

Really good , used them for years
Hire one yearly and do my rugs
And yes, leave fitted carpets alone or put a commercial nylon in the rooms you cant bear to not have carpeted much easier to clean and wash! Rugs..buy on sale and change every few years. You can take them up and give them a good beating...you be astounded how much 'stuff' is in them!

Greg D.
27 Feb 2021
Great review

Thanks Paul. Very helpful.

Deborah R.
29 Jan 2021
Agree with your review of the Living and Co BUT

I was struggling with an old and incontinent cat (now gone, sadly) and I did find I could clean up the puddles immediately, saving the carpet from staining. For that reason alone, I don't regret buying this vac. I do sometimes sponge my rugs and then suck the excess water out with this, it does help.

Maurice James B.
26 Jan 2021
Also not the review I was expecting

I was expecting a comparison with the Rug Doctor carpet cleaner as it was referred to in the beginning of the article...good review of the other two cleaners but not a comparison with the Rug Doctor

24 Jan 2021
Very Top Level

Not the in-depth review I was expecting.
Regarding how wet the carpet is, the Bissell has three options - Express, Deep and Extra Deep clean. The Express leaves a fairly dry carpet where the other two expel a lot more water.

23 Jan 2021
Very very helpful review

Thank you

Gail W.
23 Jan 2021
Busselton Carpet Cleaner

I have a bissell quickwash- cheaper end of market. I have had it about 10years, used occasionally to clean carpets and clean up after accidents! It works well though slow to do a whole room. Invaluable and I wouldn’t live without it. It does seem to lift a lot of dirt looking at the water.

David Ellis B.
23 Jan 2021
Rug Doctor

I hired a Rug Doctor for the first time last month. $80 for 8 hours, the detergent and upholstery hand tool. I managed to clean 50m2 of carpet, 2 couches and an entire car interior. It was a hard days work but I was genuinely impressed with the results. In my opinion very comparable results to the professional carpet clean we had a year earlier, and far far cheaper for the amount of cleaning I managed to do.

Nadene H.
23 Jan 2021

In the US, you can get the Bissell SpotClean Professional - a popular Youtube car detailer uses it to clean upholstery in cars, but it can also be used for carpet. He says he's used it every day for almost 10 years in his role and it's still going, and he's never found an extractor that does as good a job. That model is only $279.