Buying a ride-on mower

The Consumer NZ guide to buying a ride-on lawnmower.

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Here’s what you should consider when shopping around for a ride-on mower. We’ve taken a look at pricing, size, weight and assorted features. We’ve also explained when you should test drive a mower before you buy.


Only pay for as much mower as you need. As a rule of thumb:

  • Up to 4000m² (1 acre) of grass = a cutting-width of 1100mm (42”) and a 16-20HP (horse power) engine
  • 4000m² to 1 hectare = up to 1200mm (48”) cutting-width and a 20-24HP engine
  • Over 1 hectare = the largest cutting-width possible and at least a 24HP engine. If you expect to regularly mow longer grass, or do heavier mulching, make sure you choose an engine at the more powerful end of the range.

Test drive

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Features to consider

Compare ride-on lawnmowers

Compare ride-on lawnmowers

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Compare ride-on lawnmowers

Got a lot of grass to mow? We’ve uncovered great ride-on mowers for everyone from beginner lifestylers to seasoned pros.

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