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13 February 2017

Carpet Mill becomes Consumer Trusted

Kiwi carpet-maker the latest company to become accredited.

Carpet Mill is the latest company to be able to call itself Consumer Trusted. The Kiwi carpet-maker joins Flick Electric Co, Heartland Seniors Finance, Inspire Net, Resene ColorShop, Shoe Clinic, Skinny Mobile, Triton Hearing, and WooHoo NZ Tax Refunds in achieving the Consumer NZ accreditation.

To become Consumer Trusted a business must meet Consumer NZ’s strict accreditation criteria and show it is committed to delivering exceptional customer service.

When dealing with a Consumer Trusted business, consumers can be confident they’re dealing with a company that delivers high standards of customer service. Consumer NZ monitors accredited businesses to ensure they are meeting their obligations under the programme.

Consumer NZ general manager – business Derek Bonnar says the Consumer Trusted programme encourages businesses to lift their game when it comes to customer service.

“Achieving Consumer Trusted status isn’t easy and requires businesses to have a customer-centric focus and work closely with Consumer NZ. We congratulate Carpet Mill on its achievement,” Derek says.

Carpet Mill's general manager Ross Hughey says Consumer Trusted status fits well with the business’ values of integrity and trustworthiness.

Consumer NZ is an independent, not-for-profit organisation. Winners of Consumer NZ endorsements can license use of the awards for marketing and promotions. All revenue raised from the endorsement programme goes back into the research Consumer NZ does on behalf of Kiwis.

Consumer Trusted.

Consumer Trusted

The Consumer Trusted accreditation programme recognises businesses delivering to the Consumer Trusted Code of Conduct. The Code ensures you can buy from a Consumer Trusted business safe in the knowledge you’re dealing with a market leader that puts the consumer first.

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