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Research report
26 February 2021

Carpet washers: should you buy or rent?

We tested the Rug Doctor carpet washer alongside washers you can buy to see if you should own your own or carry on renting.

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Lisa T.
10 Sep 2021
Review of the Vax

Please upload the review of the Vax as mentioned on the page!

Come on Consumer, this is not the first time I've been disappointed with a lack of information!

Thanks in advance,
Lisa T.

Michael C.
02 Mar 2021
Where is the review for the Vax

"and Vax Compact Power Carpet Washer VX97 ($269)."
Where is the review/test for the Vax washer?

James N.
28 Feb 2021
Warehouse Big Green

We have a motel and I can hire the Bussell Big Green from the Warehouse for a couple of days and do our 17 units, which would be equivalent to five good sized homes. It costs $59 for 24 hours and makes an amazing job especially on the units which have lighter coloured carpets. It is also very simple to use so can’t see the sense in buying one when purchasing it would cost $1,500.

Maureen V.
27 Feb 2021
Old Bissell

Had my Bissell for about 6 years. Not only do we use it but we do the kids and grandkids places too. Still works with the same effect as it did when first bought. What I like is that after an hour or so the carpets are dry enough to walk on. If it packed in I would buy another one.