Chocolate Easter bunnies

Our panel of 6 Consumer staff tasted 9 Easter bunnies.

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They are beautifully wrapped in foil but how good is the chocolate underneath? We broke up 9 Easter bunnies sold in supermarkets and The Warehouse and had a panel of 6 Consumer staff members rate them.

The most expensive bunny, the Lindt one ($5.99), was rated the highest by the panel. One of the cheaper bunnies – the Select one ($2.50) sold at Countdown – also rated highly.

We didn’t think it was fair to order the bunnies from highest score to lowest given the small size of the panel. So we looked at the ratings, comments and whether the panellists said they would buy again to determine whether the bunnies were delicious, average or not so great.



$5.99 for 100g

The well-known gold bunny with the bell on its collar was the clear winner from our panellists’ comments. Some of the comments included “actually tastes like it has real ingredients” and “tastes like ingredients are higher quality”. But even this bunny couldn’t please everyone – one panellist said it was plain and lacking depth.


$2.50 for 125g

This German-made bunny was described by most as rich. It had our panellists identifying lots of different flavours. They mentioned vanilla, malt, caramel and coconut. There were a couple who didn’t agree and instead used words like “cheap” and “plastic-y”.


$5 for 140g

Another German creation, the Riegelein impressed with its “dark cocoa taste” and one panellist said it tasted “premium”. Two didn’t agree with the glowing review, with one saying it was sickly sweet and another saying it was nondescript.


Cadbury Dairy Milk

$5.79 for 150g

The Cadbury bunny is Australian made and was described as smooth by nearly all the panellists. They didn’t have a lot else to say about this one, with one summing it up as “nothing off-putting, nothing exciting either”.


$5.49 for 75g

The Kinder bunny has a white chocolate lining so looked different from the rest. It was made in Poland and described by 4 out of 6 panellists as being too sweet.


$1.99 for 60g

Three panellists thought this bunny, made in the Czech Republic, had a rich chocolate flavour but a couple of panellists thought it tasted waxy.

Waikato Valley

$4 for 160g

This is the only bunny that was made in New Zealand. It divided our panel with 2 rating it bland, 2 saying it had an off taste and the other 2 thinking it had a rich taste.

Not so great


$5.08 for 100g

This French bunny was not a hit. It drew comments like “weird plastic-y taste” and “strange”.

Peter Rabbit

$3 for 70g

The Peter Rabbit bunny is another Australian product. Two people commented on how sweet they found it and 3 said the chocolate flavour was very weak.

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