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Does Lewis Road Creamery’s version live up to the hype?

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With all the hype around the Lewis Road Creamery chocolate milk, we decided there was only one thing to do – see if it can live up to it with a blind taste test.

Well actually there was another thing we wanted to do – compare its nutritional statistics with other popular chocolate milk brands.

So today a group of Consumer members came into our Wellington office and were asked to taste and rank 6 chocolate milks – Meadow Fresh Calci-Strong, CalciYum, Lewis Road Creamery, Nippy’s, Primo and Wave.

We poured the milk into cups at 6 tasting stations before they arrived so there was no way of them knowing what brand they were drinking.

The winner was in fact the Lewis Road Creamery version. Our panel members made comments like “it tastes like it has chocolate in it” and “very creamy, lots of flavour”.

It was ranked the number one choice by 8 of the 12 taste testers. Another 2 actually scored it as their least favourite and made comments like “wow, weird” and “tastes like sweet milk, not chocolate”.

Wave was the next best scorer. It was ranked number 1 by 3 tasters and number 2 by 5 tasters.

The worst scorer was Primo, which was placed in 6th position by 5 of the panel members.

The others were all scored similarly with mainly rankings of 3, 4 and 5.

But after comparing nutritional information, Lewis Road Creamery was far from winning.

It had 5 times the fat and more than 5 times the saturated fat per 100ml of Primo, Calci-Strong and CalciYum.

Its sugar content was also the highest out of the milks our panel tasted. In a 250ml glass there was 29g of sugar or more than 7 teaspoons.

However, while the Wave has a lower sugar content per 100ml, if you were to drink the recommended serving size of 600ml you’d be consuming 54g of sugar or 13.5 teaspoons.

Lewis Road Creamery’s marketing director Angela Weeks said the product contained just 3 ingredients – “Whittaker’s Chocolate and Lewis Road Creamery milk, both of which are rich in sugar and fat, plus cocoa.”

“Our aim has been to create a treat, and priced as such, which is about quality over quantity and natural over artificial,” Ms Weeks said.

“We suggest that like all wickedly good things, moderation is a virtue. That’s why we call it a treat – even on the bottle itself.”

Nutritional information

Product Energy (kJ/100ml)[sort; desc] Fat (g/100ml)[sort; asc] Sat fat (g/100ml)[sort; asc] Sugar (g/100ml)[sort; asc] Calcium (mg/100ml)[sort; asc] Sodium (mg/100ml)[sort; asc] Recommended serving size (ml)[sort; asc]
Lewis Rd 584 7.5 5.7 11.6 142 54.3 250
Wave 342 3.4 2.0 9.0 100 37 600
Nippy's 267 1.7 1.2 7.9 100 42 375
Primo 280 1.5 0.9 9.4 115 40 200
Meadow Fresh Calci-Strong 270 1.5 0.9 8.3 145 35 200
CalciYum 252 1.4 0.8 8.0 193 42 200

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