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Consumer staff
23 Jul 2018
Re: Floor models, none recommended

Hi Michele,

Our results are from standard testing of heat pump models. That assesses the performance of the heat pump itself. In general, high wall models are more efficient – perhaps because they are more common and get more development from manufacturers. However, that testing doesn’t account for the position in the room. Mounting the heat pump close to the floor means it develops more convection – so in theory the heat will get distributed more evenly. But – be careful where they are located, as the heat at floor level can get blocked by furniture, whereas high wall models usually have a clear space.

The lower efficiency means that the floor-mounted models don’t score as highly. That being said, I would not say that you shouldn’t buy one as it may suit the space the best and some people don’t like the look of the high-walls. They can still do a good job at heating the home. The scores just show that there are more efficient models available.

Kind regards,
James, Consumer NZ writer

Michele M.
21 Jul 2018
Floor models, none recommended

What makes the floor models, less efficient than the high wall? None of the models were recommended or worth considering. They were all in the other category.

Allan J.
01 May 2021
Floor mounted best

They heat form floor level where the heat is required, hi-wall heat from ceiling level hot air rises & works twice as had to get the heat to seated level who needs a hot ceiling your feet are a floor level