Patient getting an allergy test
Research report
8 March 2018

Choosing Wisely Allergy tests

Pricey hair testing and other alternative allergy tests lack evidence.

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Greg H.
17 Mar 2018
Hair Testing

I have known for years that if I eat garlic I will have a severe reaction to it the next day. I did a hair test (they did not know of the garlic issue). It came back showing garlic as a problem for me. This shows me that there is 'something' to the test.
Good on you for looking in to these tests but it looks a bit one-eyed. Like its written by a GP.

Geoff W.
27 Mar 2019
Hair testing for intolerance

Did the test come back with just garlic, or a strong leaning towards garlic ? Or with a large rarange of things, of which garlic was one ?
I have recently had a hair test for intolerance, which indicated that I am intolerant to just about everything.