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10 October 2014

Complaint about No-Jet-Lag upheld

Advertising Standards Authority says claim can't be backed up.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint regarding advertising of homeopathic product No-Jet-Lag.

The ASA complaint was made by the Society for Science Based Healthcare, which says the decision provides a good opportunity for pharmacists to ensure their products have credible evidence of efficacy.

The group complained about the product’s claims that “It Really Works”.

In response to the complaint, manufacturer Miers Laboratories submitted a study of the product using 19 people.

The majority of the Advertising Standards Complaints Board said the trial population in the study was too small, the methodology was not robust and the results had not been published in a peer-reviewed population.

A summary of the board’s decision said Miers Laboratories had not satisfactorily substantiated the “it really works” claim and therefore the display had the potential to mislead consumers.

The Society for Science Based Healthcare said in a statement the decision was a win for consumers.

The Parnell pharmacy in which the advertisement was found had said it would remove the product from sale if the ASA upheld the complaint.

No-Jet-Lag’s website states the product is available in most chemists nationwide as well as health stores, airport stores and Kathmandu, Macpac and Bivouac stores.

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