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23 December 2014

Complaints about pies force action

Popular brand dumps meat supplier.

The manufacturer of a popular New Zealand pie brand has axed one of its meat suppliers after complaints about meat quality.

People have been posting photos on Big Ben’s Facebook page of what looks like arteries they have found in their pies.

Consumer NZ was also contacted by Fiona Macleod, whose son found what she believes is a big piece of cow hide covered in hair in a Big Ben Pie.

Ms Macleod said she contacted George Weston, the company behind the Big Ben brand, and a courier was sent to pick up the pie for analysis. However, she was then told the pie had been lost by the courier company.

She said she was offered two vouchers for bread but hadn’t accepted them as the value didn’t match the amount the family had spent when they bought six Big Ben six-packs from Countdown in Tauranga.

“Two loaves of bread aren’t going to cut it. They’ve said sorry and they are going to investigate further,” Ms Macleod said.

Fiona Macleod sent in this pic of what her son found in his pie.

George Weston also owns the Tip Top bread brand.

Tip Top’s head of quality, technical and regulatory affairs Karen Mocatta said the company agreed the quality of the pie did not meet its standards.

She said there had been “process issues” with one of the company’s NZ suppliers.

“Given our commitment to quality we immediately ceased supply from the supplier. We have noted an immediate improvement in overall meat quality as a result of this action,” Ms Mocatta said.

She said they had also increased the number of meat inspection points.

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