Miele, LG and Fisher & Paykel are winners of Consumer NZ’s Top Brand awards for dishwashers, washing machines, and fridges and freezers. To achieve Top Brand status, a brand must perform well in our product tests, customer satisfaction and reliability surveys.

The 2015 Top Brand award for dishwashers went to Miele. All Miele dishwashers we’ve tested performed better than average. Miele owners reported much better than average reliability and more than 96% were satisfied with their dishwasher.

Miele also received the 2015 Top Brand award for washing machines, with LG. The results were calculated from our independent tests of 52 washing machines and survey results from more than 4000 Consumer NZ members. Miele was the standout performer for front loaders, the only type of washing machine it makes, while LG front- and top-loading models consistently performed well.

Fisher & Paykel won the 2015 Top Brand award for fridges and freezers. We’ve put 18 currently available models of Fisher & Paykel fridges and freezers through our lab. On average, they out-performed other brands in our tests. We also received survey results from more than 2200 Fisher & Paykel owners, who told us their products were reliable and they were satisfied with them.

Consumer NZ chief executive Sue Chetwin said the organisation was uniquely placed to name Top Brands because of its long history of testing products and services, and its extensive data collection on reliability. “We’ve been gathering this information for more than 50 years. Now we have the tools to use the data and name brands we think deserve recognition.”

Winning brands are able to license use of Consumer NZ awards for marketing and promotions. All revenue goes back to the research and testing programme, the awards initiatives, and to working on behalf of consumers, Ms Chetwin said.

Electricity retailer Powershop, which has a Consumer Trusted accreditation, won the People’s Choice energy provider of the year award. Its overall performance was 94%. It was the only energy retailer to score above average ratings on all key measures.

Last month we awarded Top Brand awards to Sony for televisions and Miele and Sebo for vacuum cleaners. Kiwi Wealth has been named a Consumer NZ People’s Choice KiwiSaver provider.