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10 June 2014

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Paula G.
02 Mar 2021
Noel peeking yet again

Noel leeming yet again trying to get out of repairing replacing or refunding my very expensive dryer along with F&P who are trying to fob me off to the manufacturer.
I’ll be ringing consumer in the morning as I need help.

tommy h.
12 Jun 2018
final itemize account

i think trustpower is not keeping good book keeping i have bee asking them to send me one all i get is what i own them but do not give me how much credit in my acc at time terminated there service can you investigate please tommy hohepa

Terehia W.
05 Mar 2017
Women's Clothing Prices

Hi everyone,
I have recently being shopping for women's clothes. I used the website to find what I wanted, and best of all the price was affordable as advertised on the web page.

So, I purchased about $1,200.00 worth of clothes, $824.79 was cash and the rest was on monthly payments. Great stuff, I was happy.

Until, I sat done and balanced the outgoings against the purchase receipts. Uh oh, the price on the receipt is much more than the advertised website price.

So, the website price says AU$39.00 approx NZ$41.81. Actual price to pay for the item (Sketch Cardi), is $49.00. What the heck is going on.

I called the store and they agreed with me about my concerns, and that I need to complain to the company about it, that couldn't help me.

So, my question is, how legal or illegal is this?

The company is "taking shape", SIZES 12-24.


Previous member
07 Mar 2017
Re: Women's Clothing Prices

Hi there Terehia,

One of our advisers has received your query and will be contacting you directly for more information.

Kind regards,
Fonda - Consumer NZ staff

Debbie D.
26 Feb 2017
'Up To Date Comments ??'

I just read a couple of the previous comments on record BUT one had not been replied to as of yet and BOTH comments were from 2015 !!!
Seriously ????
Am I on the wrong page or did I miss a beat or what the f..., please don't tell me these are the last recorded comments ... AND ones unanswered !!!!!

Previous member
27 Feb 2017
Re: 'Up To Date Comments ??'

Hi Debbie,

We do keep an eye on the online comments and endeavour to respond to questions. However in some situations it’s easier to contact the member directly via a phone call or email. Our paying members have access to our advisory service for personalised advice on consumer issues.

If you’re after information on consumer protection, you might find our report on the Consumer Guarantees Act useful which has a lot of recent activity from members: https://www.consumer.org.nz/articles/consumer-guarantees-act

Fonda – Consumer NZ staff

Sandy H.
31 Dec 2014
Psychic lines

I'd like to know what consumer rights you have regarding psychic lines that operate as businesses. What are your rights if they're wrong, overcharge etc.

Previous member
12 Jan 2015
Re: Psychic lines

Hello Sandy,

Our Consumer Advisory Service is available to all our Gold and Silver members for any consumer-related issue and Bronze members for an issue or complaint about a Consumer Trusted business. If you'd like, you can upgrade your membership here: https://www.consumer.org.nz/purchase/join

Our articles on the Consumer Guarantees Act (https://www.consumer.org.nz/articles/consumer-guarantees-act) and Fair Trading Act (https://www.consumer.org.nz/articles/fair-trading-act) might also be of interest.


Richard - Consumer NZ staff

Gary H.
17 Oct 2014
advertising and what is delivered

I am currently in an email exchange with Spark, ne Telecom, regarding the pricing of their mobile wifi top ups. At the time of purchase they are advertised as $49 for 3 gigabytes. However they charge $50 and put $1 into credit to be eaten up at casual rates automatically. If I buy online with a credit card I can pay $49, however if I go to a Spark shop and buy using a credit card I pay $50, $49 for the plan and $1 placed in credit to used as a casual rate. Are they able to do this and how does this compare with other plans from other companies?



Previous member
12 Jan 2015
Re: advertising and what is delivered

Hello Gary,

Our Consumer Advisory Service is available to all our Gold and Silver members for any consumer-related issue - give us a call 0800 266 786 if you haven't resolved the issue with Spark.

Richard – Consumer NZ staff.

Previous member
24 Aug 2014
Forums (on Advertising)

Is there a part in Consumer, like forum.consumer.xxx, to discuss complaints and other matters. Related matters reported can then be consolidated as one complaint in the agency. I have recently reported a case in online advertising for a newly created website (www.jupernes.com) - created by a site (www.simplesite.com) that creates a website. The newly created website has a 30-day period trial to get a feel of the newly created domain (www.jupernes.com) using the features of the web apps (www.simplesite.com). For $1USD, to have a new website is cheap but it has it's downside. An ad program called "Rolimno Ad" is automatically installed from the client's computer from Day 1 of using the newly created website.

Details of which can be found in this link:

JuPerNes has made a complaint to Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) through the link found in Consumer (Advertising page). ASA found the ads "unbecoming based on content" but this was only told to us by phone. Even the confirmation email from ASA does not have enough details like "complaint no. and description" to facilitate followup. Can Consumer.Org help us to follow up this matter?

Previous member
25 Aug 2014
Re: Forums (on Advertising)

Hi Perry,

Consumer does not have a user forum currently.
The Consumer Advisory Service is available to all our Gold and Silver members for any consumer-related issue and Bronze members for an issue or complaint about a Consumer Trusted business.

Richard - Consumer NZ staff.