17mar consumer rights day focuses on digital age hero
3 March 2017

Consumer Rights Day focuses on internet age

Regulators struggling to keep up with pace of change.

15 March marks World Consumer Rights Day. This year’s focus is on consumer rights in an internet age. Which online services can we trust? What happens to data we share? What are our rights when we buy online?

Consumers International, which spearheads events for the day, says the pace of change has regulators in many countries struggling to keep up. It points out the telephone took 75 years to reach an audience of 50 million but Facebook took 1 year and Instagram just 6 months.

Among events to mark the day, Consumers International is co-hosting a consumer summit in Berlin called “Building a digital world consumers can trust”. Topics on the agenda include fair contract terms, payment security, data protection and information access.

Consumer NZ is a member of Consumers International. We’ll be reviewing research presented at the summit to look at how consumer protection can be strengthened.

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