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Recall: Cotton On jeans

Recall: Cotton On men's denim jeans


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The problem

The dye used during manufacturing may have contained hazardous azo-colourants. Experts classify these azo-colourants as carcinogens and recommend that exposure is minimised.


Men's Spitfire denim jeans in new black and holy black, sold at Cotton On stores and online at between February 2012 and April 2014.

  • Style number 390548
  • P/O numbers 96703, 96747, 84162, 99374, 122094, 96685, 85749, 78921, 84172, 70537, 76188, 79229, 84175, 122087, 70536, 122794, 122811, 118057, 122818

The style number and P/O number are found on the reverse side of the care label.

What to do

Stop wearing the jeans and return them to any Cotton On store for a full refund of the purchase price. For further information contact Cotton On Clothing:


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